Saturday, February 6, 2010

WOW! Careful How You Word Things!

 Hello Everyone! Wanted to pass some news onto you IF you didn't know about it already. A couple of the ning social medias I belonged to are taking a break right now, and having to go thru everything. This includes selling, blogspots, social medias, etsy, etc etc. Not sure if Rachael Ashwell is pursuing it, but Target is a big seller as we all know. You will not be permited to use the words shabby, and chic...WOW! Who would have thought there would be something to that as you are describing the items/products, and many people have noted that they are not associated with Rachael Ashwell in anyway too. But, until something is more definite about this You might want to be careful about using those words right now. Hopefully someone will be able to shed some light onto this. 

Hope everyone has a Fabulous weekend! I will! Got a new business card I put together today, sold an item today & it is mailed and on it's way to them, and I revised a few things at bonanzle, and listed a couple more things too. Busy, busy, busy. Take care till the next time everyone!! Later......


  1. YES! I guess there might actually be something to this...all in the wording. A friend I know got an auction booted a few yrs ago over this. Couldn't use shabby chic? but could use shab and chic, chic and shab, etc etc. Checked with the Bonanzle Gang, and they do remember a few yrs ago about this being an issue also. WOW! Cannot even use words anymore without a suit! UGH!


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