Monday, February 15, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Unique Treasures

Ok, it is cold out today...again, wind blowing a bit, my feet are cold, and there is a draft at the window in the office room. My nose is cold..HeHe! I am sooo begging for it to please be spring, spring come to us, I am in need of spring:) I am getting cabin fever, and wanting to hit some sales for the collectibles I can find to offer to you, and also to finish up with some of my supplies I need to get the craft side of me in gear to do some work. I have a few ideas with some things I already have here, but need to get some paints, and I need some different glues to use for different things too. I have a few supplies here, but need some bondable glue that is good for fabrics, sturdy, will hold, etc. Also, I need a good glue that is durable for glass/ceramic items. Any suggestions I would so appreciate them!:) 

Well, enough babbling. Time to get the space heater, and bring it this way so I can now get some work done. The plumber was here, finally got the water leak fixed in the basement...whew! Water got over by wires, breaker boxes, etc. NOT liking that. But, should be fixed now. Hope ya'll have a great Monday, and many happy sales, creative works, crafts, etc. Enjoy!! :-) 

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