Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Drop and Drag and Organization With Sidebar on Blogspot

Hello again, and just dropping a quick note for those inquiring minds. As we are finding out there is an issue with the drag and drop on the side bar with the page element. Mine just started all of a sudden, no warning, no error message, nothing. Been going through the google forums for answers which this has been an ongong issue for a long time. Many are not finding answers, many have found switching to FireFox fixed the issue, etc. I have FireFox, and it started in that. So...others complaining it wasn't working for them, but I relunctantly used IE & I still have 7 too. Well, darn, it worked on that browser. So, at this time if I want to drag and drop on my side bar, I will have to do it in the IE 7 that I have...ugh! Be nice if they would address the issue, and fix it. Anyway...thought I would share this little tidbit of info with ya'll. It is really late, and I am going to bed....Nite ya'll:)


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