Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ebay Alternatives....Which One to is growing

Hello Everyone in Blogland! Hope you are having a beautiful sunny day like we are here!:) I came from bonanzle a little while ago...trying to catch up on all the fun social sights & everything else for the week:) WOW! Things are still rolling from Ebay anouncing their changes that will take effect the end of March. Hmm...A lot of the sellers from there are looking for a new venue to go to, or are wanting to go to a new one, and like anything else it is always scarey taking that step. I have learned over time that the venue that works for me might not be the one for another seller. All of the venues out there have their own way of doing things, and all of us sellers need to find the one that works for us, feels right for us, and is the right place for our products too. 

I can say that earlier this morning Bonanzle is up to a lil over 180,000 registered members, and still climbing. The import there is being kept very busy. Earlier today I read there is about 1000 items a day being imported into Bonanzle right now. WOW! This is great for bonanzle as this sight is still younger than other ones that are out there...Bonanzle started in 2008. So, this is amazing! The sellers are all working together to make the sight what it is today, attracting new sellers, and buyers too. *BUYERS * keep in mind that to purchase on bonanzle you  'Do Not'  have to register OR sign up to buy. As long as you have a paypal account, google checkout, revolution money exchange, POSTAL money orders, credit cards, and etc....are some of the forms that are being accepted for payments there. Each seller has set to their booth what they will accept, and are being great working with all the customers!  Whether you are new to bonanzle, or a repeat visitor/customer.....stop by and visit bonanzle. The categories are starting to fill more with all the new sellers coming on board. The vintage, pottery, glassware, and etc I do believe is filling up more. I was contacted by a new seller who was importing items there, and they has some beautiful roseville pieces I was admiring too. Fantastic, isn't it? 

Well everyone, take care, and wishing you a beautiful weekend where you are at!:)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Vintage Collectibles.....Pyrex, Homer Laughlin, Libbey Glasses, Tissue Box Cover

This is Rhythm by Homer Laughlin Sugar Bowl with the lid that I listed today at

Pyrex 1 1/2Qt Divided Casserole Dish that is a dark orange in color was listed in my booth today at
This is a Tissue Box Cover with a gorgeous flower design that I also listed today for sale at my booth in bonanzle.  Much better in person than I could picture
 These Vintage Amber Country Garden Daisy Glasses are another set of Libbey Glasses that I have listed at now. These rock glasses are gorgeous when the sunlight hits them...seen it yesterday on the kitchen counter..WOW!

Well, when you can, or you have a chance stop on by my booth to have a look at the treasures I have been listing, and see what I have been working on. I would also like to mention...another seller noticed it too....with things changing a bit in the venues area bonanzle is getting more sellers there with the pottery, glassware, dinnerware, roseville, and the list goes on.....More of a variety is being imported in, and not sure about you, but I like that too :) Ok, take care everyone, and have a Great Weekend!! Be safe, and enjoy:)

Bonanzle,, Ebay Alternatives, OnLine Markets, Venues.....

Good Evening Everyone, and hope this finds ya'll doing well. WOW! I guess I have been busy this week to not be in here until now. Hmmm...Let's see, what has all happened? Well, I am sure everyone knows about the big issues with Ebay, and how many of their sellers are very upset with them. Quite an issue with the new fees, and how everyone is effected with it. I left bonanzle a lil while ago, and there have been those from the 'dark side' that have come over to bonanzle, and are trying to get their items imported to bonanzle from ebay. Earlier 1 new seller asked about if there was a problem as it was going so slow importing. that time there was 105 in line waiting to import everything. So, yeah, it is working just going a lil slow right now. 
I am happy to say of a lil while ago I have 104? things, I think is the number, now listed in my booth at bonanzle. And...I have many more things to picture yet, and get listed for everyone's pleasure. I am trying really hard to narrow down my inventory I have now due to some plans I have been working on, and wanting to deal with. I am hoping, if things go right, that by spring I will still be dealing with the vintage items & selling those, but also doing some of the refurbishing, crafting, and etc that goes along with those items. Kind of like bringing the old to life again. I have to start getting supplies for this venture, making my notes, trying to research some of it to see what it is people are looking for, and etc. Time will tell, and I hope it works with what I have been planning. I will keep you updated on anything that is happening with the new venture. 
Not only do I have about 104 items listed at Bonanzle, I am have also been working on listing a few things with as this is a free sight for sellers, is still new, but is accumulating people slowly here too. Ecrater has gotten a few more of my listings too. Changes will be taking place with all the online selling venues thanks to things changing with Ebay.  

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vintage Bicentennial Plate, Viking Art Glass Taperglow Candleholder Vase, Pyrex Brown Glass Casserole Dish, Vintage Cut Glass Relish Condiment Divided Dish

Hello Everyone & hope ya'll are having a great weekend! WHEW! I am soo off on everything right now, and tryin to get into the groove again of what I was doing. Fri all day I was without power at the house, and I guess all of the town was without too. I was told a transport at the main plant blew, and it put quite a few towns out of power for 1-2-3 days. I was fortunate that Sat. late afternoon to come home to power, lights, furnace/heat again. So, have been trying to catch up a lil bit around here. When checking the breaker boxes on Fri I noticed a water spot in basement. is not from a pipe that is seen. Coming thru the ceiling when looking up, and I find no water on the floor in bathroom. So, I think Mon. will have to come in, and maybe start tearing things up to find the leak as it has doubled since then...UGH! I did get quite a few pictures taken, researched a lil bit, and am hoping to get some things listed tonight yet, and going into tomorrow. Hope ya'll have had a great weekend, and the weather is doing good wherever you are:) Take care...
Pyrex Brown Glass Casserole Dish with simple wicker basket
Vintage Cut Glass Relish Condiment Divided Serving Dish wth Faded Gold Gilt. Is a heavy piece of glass too.
Here are 2 plates that have been listed. 1 is a Prairie Queen Bicentennial Plate of Sheldon Iowa, and the other plate is a First Methodist Church Sheldon Iowa. The bicentennial plate gives a short history of the town, and it is noted on there also the name of the local artist who designed the work. The church plate shows it to be a decorative plate. Now, for the unique item you are seeing that is something I hope to have listed tonight, or tomorrow. It is a taperglow candleholder vase. Something of Viking Art Glass. They are hand-blown from mould and hand-stretched with cut and polished bases. Items are being listed with  Take care everyone, and have a great evening!:)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vintage Ashtray, Homco Candle Holder, Fairfield Platter, Hull Planter, Mikasa Magic Moods Cups and Saucers, Libbey Juice Glasses

Hello Everyone:) Tuesday here, and FOGGY out too! We had fog yesterday, last night, the day before, and I cannot remember when we haven't had it lately...UGH! Hope this finds everyone doing well with all you are doing. I have set a's been working most of the week now, and this is a new week. So, have to keep it up. I have been trying to set a schedule of working on all emails, social medias, researching, picture taking, and then listings for my venues. I have been listing 2 items a day, and so far I have kept that schedule...maybe it will become an old habit soon, huh? I was soooo excited because late yesterday afternoon I listed an old vintage glass ashtray with advertisement from an old service station. When I finally got back on the puter last night...I was happy to see it sold already! Now, that was something to end the evening/day with, don't ya think?

This was something I listed last night after taking care of the order purchased from customer. How neat & universal the piece is too. It is a Homco Home Interiors Candle Holder that you could use the Pillar candle with, or if you would like the Votive candle too. It is all up to you on the decision making. Also, with this item I am including the flowers seen draped around it. Isn't it just a yummy piece? Listed at  Stop by sometime to see it, and some of the other lil treasures being offered.

Here are pictures of other items that have been listed for sale the past few days, or there are a couple of items here I am working on their listings to get them done....research. Seeing how else is offering the same things, what they have sold for, what they are listed at, and what offers I can do for you:) When ya'll get a chance, stop by some time to see the booth, and how it is filling up  Have a Great Day Everyone! Take care:-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Vintage Lady Sunbeam Electric Shaver, Hull Planter, Wine Bottle Holder, Etc

Hello everyone, and here it is Friday...last day of the week! Woo Hoo! Hope ya'll had a great week. Mine wasn't too bad. I have been pretty productive lately with keeping up with some of the social sites I deal with, answering to emails, been listing about a couple of items a day at bonanzle, taking pictures and downloading so that I can list more when I am ready to, etc. Swept spare room upstairs, looked thru a few boxes, and trying to decide on what else to bring down, picture, and get listed for everyone to view & purchase too:) I did find a few more pieces of the homer laughlin set I have slowly been selling. Looks like I am coming to the end of listing what I have for that. Course, am finding some things I forgot about too...whoops!:( 

Here are a few more things I listed today, or are being listed by tomorrow. The vintage Lady Sunbeam Electric Shaver, A Bottle Holder, and the Hull Planter or Bowl. I don't think I have shown all of them to you yet, but I do have Frankoma Christmas plates signed by John Frank for 1968, 1969, and 1970 listed at this time. I still have more from that series made to list too. Some of the plate have their lil informational sheets with them too. John passed away in 1973, so the signature makes them a lil more special too. Well, I better be off for now. Wanna finish listing if I can, and then sleep...will feel good to relax. Ya'll take care & have a great evening! Stop by my booth when you get a chance at  if you don't see something you want here, roam around the sight for a while. There is over 2,000,000 items listed there, and growing everyday. Good Night All:-)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Treasures, Antique Sellers.....Another form of payment to use
I know, I am back here again today. But, I came across some interesting reading at bonanzle again in the forums. I am signed up with this place, and think it is something to keep in mind to offer for forms of payments accepted when selling your items--Revolution Money Exchange. It doesn't cost anything, and it is sending and receiving money, and on the link above to read a lil more about it instead of me flapping about it :) I just wanted to stop in quick with this for anyone stopping by. I think of anything else, or find anything else I will be back to share. Take care everyone...Later....

Vintage, Collectibles, Treasures, Unique Items

Happy Hump Day everyone! I downloaded a few pictures to show you some things I have been listing, revising, and adjusting for sale at my booth which is at  Whew! Been busy, but enjoying it too. There is plenty more for me to do, and show. So, I guess I better get back to work, huh? Thanks for stopping by & thank you to all that are signing up to follow my blog! I am trying to send you personal msgs myself for this. Please bear with me as my fingers are only moving so fast...think I might be getting older...HAHA! Take care everyone & have a great day!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vintage Avon Bicentennial Dish With Soaps Never Used & Adorable Apple Wooden Clock For The Fixer Upper Person

Hello again everyone! many others...have been bored today. I did get 2 listings done with bonanzle & put a few things on another sight too. But, have spent more time just browsing the internet today, and emailing people, and chatting. Very Very cold out today, got more of yard cleared from snow. Yet, it was a beautiful sunny day...sun hit the snow and made it look like crystals that just sparkled...was pretty.
 Vintage Avon Bicentennial Plate with George & Martha Soaps. All new in box, and was never used. Adorable Glass Plate with an Eagle in the center, and on back of the box it is filled with the explanation of George Washington, the eagle, and etc.

Next is an adorable Wooden Apple Clock that is a pretty sturdy piece. This is for those who like to fix or repair things. The clock needs new hands on it, and once that is done I am not sure if it will work yet. Never tested it, and this is how I bought it. One of those things I was gonna fix cuz it reminded me of the Home and Garden Party canisters I am selling too. But, time to clean house too. So, this is also being sold As Is. Both these items are being listed on

Friday, January 8, 2010

Frosted Glass Angel Candle Holders

Good Evening everyone! WOW! We have been snowed in for about 2 days now. No school for 2 1/2 days all together, and....we are starting to get cabin fever here too:) I wanted to drop in and say Hi to everyone, and show some frosted glass angels that I just listed at They are adorable pieces, and each one of them holds a taper candle too. Perfect to have for any day of the week, and any time too. Great adorning any room in your home also. Hard to let go as I am an angel lover myself, but I have got to lower my inventory here a bit too:) Some of you can relate to that, right?
Front and Back view of the angels

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Old, Treasures

Welcome again my dear blogger friends, and all who are stopping by to visit:-) Ok, I think the only thing I might get done today will be the banner...I have installed my second one with some adjustments being made. I kind of like this one a lil bit better...Hope ya'll do too:) As for the rest of the page? Well...gonna have to check into more things with that as I am not exactly sure what I want done, or what to do with it & think that might take a lil more work then a banner did;) Have a Great Evening everyone! If you would like to do some more browsing, and window looking....stop by my booth at   Browse around my booth & the sight, and check some of it out. Take care everyone:-)

Vintage, Collectibles, Old...........

Welcome back everyone! Just having a lil fun here:-) I am slowly working on changing some of the look of my least trying to & a lil scared to do it too. I am not very computer literate with some things, and especially working on this:-) Sooooo....bear with me, and I know this will be a trial & error type thing. Hopefully I will have more fun than being frustrated too. I did a rough banner for the blog right now....not really settled on it yet, but it is a start till I can find more pics I like to work with too. Will have to look thru some of my templates again, and see if by chance I can pull anything from there, or more research thru the computer. The cheaper & more free I can do things, the better. So, gives me a chance to work with some of the pic programs I downloaded, had suggested to me, free banner makers, etc. If I can do it myself OR most of it myself....makes it a lil more special, and a very good feeling of accomplishment too! Soooo, enjoy & don't laugh at me too hard:-) Thanks for being patient with me during this time. Ya'll have a Great Day!


Vintage, Old, Collectibles ..... Red Wing Bob White Plate, Tupperware, Lefton

Red Wing Bob White Quail Pattern Plate

Tupperware Microsteamer Strainer Colander

Lefton Vase Cup or Holder

Hello again!:) I wanted to stop by and note a few of the things I listed in my booth at Bonanzle. First 1 is a plate by Red Wing of Bob White with the Quail Pattern. Excellent turquoise & brown coloring. Then, there is the New & never used Tupperware Microsteamer that is 3 pcs. Lastly, is the adorable Lefton Vase or Cup or Holder...many uses really. Stop by and view these pieces along with others listed at my booth at Take care & Have a Great Day!:-)

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