Friday, January 29, 2010

Bonanzle,, Ebay Alternatives, OnLine Markets, Venues.....

Good Evening Everyone, and hope this finds ya'll doing well. WOW! I guess I have been busy this week to not be in here until now. Hmmm...Let's see, what has all happened? Well, I am sure everyone knows about the big issues with Ebay, and how many of their sellers are very upset with them. Quite an issue with the new fees, and how everyone is effected with it. I left bonanzle a lil while ago, and there have been those from the 'dark side' that have come over to bonanzle, and are trying to get their items imported to bonanzle from ebay. Earlier 1 new seller asked about if there was a problem as it was going so slow importing. that time there was 105 in line waiting to import everything. So, yeah, it is working just going a lil slow right now. 
I am happy to say of a lil while ago I have 104? things, I think is the number, now listed in my booth at bonanzle. And...I have many more things to picture yet, and get listed for everyone's pleasure. I am trying really hard to narrow down my inventory I have now due to some plans I have been working on, and wanting to deal with. I am hoping, if things go right, that by spring I will still be dealing with the vintage items & selling those, but also doing some of the refurbishing, crafting, and etc that goes along with those items. Kind of like bringing the old to life again. I have to start getting supplies for this venture, making my notes, trying to research some of it to see what it is people are looking for, and etc. Time will tell, and I hope it works with what I have been planning. I will keep you updated on anything that is happening with the new venture. 
Not only do I have about 104 items listed at Bonanzle, I am have also been working on listing a few things with as this is a free sight for sellers, is still new, but is accumulating people slowly here too. Ecrater has gotten a few more of my listings too. Changes will be taking place with all the online selling venues thanks to things changing with Ebay.  

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