Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vintage, Old, Collectibles ..... Red Wing Bob White Plate, Tupperware, Lefton

Red Wing Bob White Quail Pattern Plate

Tupperware Microsteamer Strainer Colander

Lefton Vase Cup or Holder

Hello again!:) I wanted to stop by and note a few of the things I listed in my booth at Bonanzle. First 1 is a plate by Red Wing of Bob White with the Quail Pattern. Excellent turquoise & brown coloring. Then, there is the New & never used Tupperware Microsteamer that is 3 pcs. Lastly, is the adorable Lefton Vase or Cup or Holder...many uses really. Stop by and view these pieces along with others listed at my booth at www.bonanzle.com/booths/LilacsNDreams Take care & Have a Great Day!:-)

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