Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles, Old...........

Welcome back everyone! Just having a lil fun here:-) I am slowly working on changing some of the look of my blog...at least trying to & a lil scared to do it too. I am not very computer literate with some things, and especially working on this:-) Sooooo....bear with me, and I know this will be a trial & error type thing. Hopefully I will have more fun than being frustrated too. I did a rough banner for the blog right now....not really settled on it yet, but it is a start till I can find more pics I like to work with too. Will have to look thru some of my templates again, and see if by chance I can pull anything from there, or more research thru the computer. The cheaper & more free I can do things, the better. So, gives me a chance to work with some of the pic programs I downloaded, had suggested to me, free banner makers, etc. If I can do it myself OR most of it myself....makes it a lil more special, and a very good feeling of accomplishment too! Soooo, enjoy & don't laugh at me too hard:-) Thanks for being patient with me during this time. Ya'll have a Great Day!



  1. yay vintage! love your blog:)
    happy new year! jen

  2. Jen, Thank you so much! I love the vote of confidence as I don't know what I am doing with it yet, and I am not very computer techie on doing this kind of stuff. I learn as I go, and teach myself.

    Happy New Year to you!! Best of luck!:)


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