Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vintage Ashtray, Homco Candle Holder, Fairfield Platter, Hull Planter, Mikasa Magic Moods Cups and Saucers, Libbey Juice Glasses

Hello Everyone:) Tuesday here, and FOGGY out too! We had fog yesterday, last night, the day before, and I cannot remember when we haven't had it lately...UGH! Hope this finds everyone doing well with all you are doing. I have set a goal...it's been working most of the week now, and this is a new week. So, have to keep it up. I have been trying to set a schedule of working on all emails, social medias, researching, picture taking, and then listings for my venues. I have been listing 2 items a day, and so far I have kept that schedule...maybe it will become an old habit soon, huh? I was soooo excited because late yesterday afternoon I listed an old vintage glass ashtray with advertisement from an old service station. When I finally got back on the puter last night...I was happy to see it sold already! Now, that was something to end the evening/day with, don't ya think?

This was something I listed last night after taking care of the order purchased from customer. How neat & universal the piece is too. It is a Homco Home Interiors Candle Holder that you could use the Pillar candle with, or if you would like the Votive candle too. It is all up to you on the decision making. Also, with this item I am including the flowers seen draped around it. Isn't it just a yummy piece? Listed at http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/LilacsNDreams  Stop by sometime to see it, and some of the other lil treasures being offered.

Here are pictures of other items that have been listed for sale the past few days, or there are a couple of items here I am working on their listings to get them done....research. Seeing how else is offering the same things, what they have sold for, what they are listed at, and what offers I can do for you:) When ya'll get a chance, stop by some time to see the booth, and how it is filling up www.bonanzle.com/booths/LilacsNDreams  Have a Great Day Everyone! Take care:-)

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