Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vintage Bicentennial Plate, Viking Art Glass Taperglow Candleholder Vase, Pyrex Brown Glass Casserole Dish, Vintage Cut Glass Relish Condiment Divided Dish

Hello Everyone & hope ya'll are having a great weekend! WHEW! I am soo off on everything right now, and tryin to get into the groove again of what I was doing. Fri all day I was without power at the house, and I guess all of the town was without too. I was told a transport at the main plant blew, and it put quite a few towns out of power for 1-2-3 days. I was fortunate that Sat. late afternoon to come home to power, lights, furnace/heat again. So, have been trying to catch up a lil bit around here. When checking the breaker boxes on Fri I noticed a water spot in basement. is not from a pipe that is seen. Coming thru the ceiling when looking up, and I find no water on the floor in bathroom. So, I think Mon. will have to come in, and maybe start tearing things up to find the leak as it has doubled since then...UGH! I did get quite a few pictures taken, researched a lil bit, and am hoping to get some things listed tonight yet, and going into tomorrow. Hope ya'll have had a great weekend, and the weather is doing good wherever you are:) Take care...
Pyrex Brown Glass Casserole Dish with simple wicker basket
Vintage Cut Glass Relish Condiment Divided Serving Dish wth Faded Gold Gilt. Is a heavy piece of glass too.
Here are 2 plates that have been listed. 1 is a Prairie Queen Bicentennial Plate of Sheldon Iowa, and the other plate is a First Methodist Church Sheldon Iowa. The bicentennial plate gives a short history of the town, and it is noted on there also the name of the local artist who designed the work. The church plate shows it to be a decorative plate. Now, for the unique item you are seeing that is something I hope to have listed tonight, or tomorrow. It is a taperglow candleholder vase. Something of Viking Art Glass. They are hand-blown from mould and hand-stretched with cut and polished bases. Items are being listed with  Take care everyone, and have a great evening!:)

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