Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vintage Avon Bicentennial Dish With Soaps Never Used & Adorable Apple Wooden Clock For The Fixer Upper Person

Hello again everyone! many others...have been bored today. I did get 2 listings done with bonanzle & put a few things on another sight too. But, have spent more time just browsing the internet today, and emailing people, and chatting. Very Very cold out today, got more of yard cleared from snow. Yet, it was a beautiful sunny day...sun hit the snow and made it look like crystals that just sparkled...was pretty.
 Vintage Avon Bicentennial Plate with George & Martha Soaps. All new in box, and was never used. Adorable Glass Plate with an Eagle in the center, and on back of the box it is filled with the explanation of George Washington, the eagle, and etc.

Next is an adorable Wooden Apple Clock that is a pretty sturdy piece. This is for those who like to fix or repair things. The clock needs new hands on it, and once that is done I am not sure if it will work yet. Never tested it, and this is how I bought it. One of those things I was gonna fix cuz it reminded me of the Home and Garden Party canisters I am selling too. But, time to clean house too. So, this is also being sold As Is. Both these items are being listed on


  1. Hey Kim,
    Thanks for the visit! Looks like you like to hunt and gather... Just like me.... The Fun Never Ends!
    Barb C.

  2. Hi Kim. You have a very lovely blog. Makes me want to sit down and join you for a cup of tea.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, and the encouragement too. YES! I love to collect, and sometimes I get too many collections going here, and lose myself some where with it all...time to clean house again:) Ya'll take care, and enjoy today (Hump Day)



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