Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ebay Alternatives....Which One to is growing

Hello Everyone in Blogland! Hope you are having a beautiful sunny day like we are here!:) I came from bonanzle a little while ago...trying to catch up on all the fun social sights & everything else for the week:) WOW! Things are still rolling from Ebay anouncing their changes that will take effect the end of March. Hmm...A lot of the sellers from there are looking for a new venue to go to, or are wanting to go to a new one, and like anything else it is always scarey taking that step. I have learned over time that the venue that works for me might not be the one for another seller. All of the venues out there have their own way of doing things, and all of us sellers need to find the one that works for us, feels right for us, and is the right place for our products too. 

I can say that earlier this morning Bonanzle is up to a lil over 180,000 registered members, and still climbing. The import there is being kept very busy. Earlier today I read there is about 1000 items a day being imported into Bonanzle right now. WOW! This is great for bonanzle as this sight is still younger than other ones that are out there...Bonanzle started in 2008. So, this is amazing! The sellers are all working together to make the sight what it is today, attracting new sellers, and buyers too. *BUYERS * keep in mind that to purchase on bonanzle you  'Do Not'  have to register OR sign up to buy. As long as you have a paypal account, google checkout, revolution money exchange, POSTAL money orders, credit cards, and etc....are some of the forms that are being accepted for payments there. Each seller has set to their booth what they will accept, and are being great working with all the customers!  Whether you are new to bonanzle, or a repeat visitor/customer.....stop by and visit bonanzle. The categories are starting to fill more with all the new sellers coming on board. The vintage, pottery, glassware, and etc I do believe is filling up more. I was contacted by a new seller who was importing items there, and they has some beautiful roseville pieces I was admiring too. Fantastic, isn't it? 

Well everyone, take care, and wishing you a beautiful weekend where you are at!:)

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