Wednesday, September 30, 2009


wow! Last day of the month! Where did the time go, right? Well, I was not as productive as I had intended to be today..I only got 1 thing listed to bonanzle. But, tomorrow is another day & tonight I will spend time researching different items I have pictured so that I do not have to spend time with that tomorrow & can just post them. WHEW! There is really a lot of work that goes into selling on the internet which I don't think some realize. Or, it is more extensive then what one would think. As long as I can make a sale, clean house a lil more, make hubby happy with cleaning house, then I can make more room to go get more things to sell again. I Luv hunting for treasures! Gives me a chance to travel around a bit & meet new & interesting people too:)

Ok, we are going into the month of pumpkins, ghosts, goblins, and all kinds of scarey things!:) Gotta luv it & let's have fun with it too. I luv decorating starting this time of year & into Christmas!! I can do without the snow, but really do love all these holidays:) Well, I better get back to doing my research. Had to drop by here quickly & say Hi to ya'll. Have a great evening everyone! You get a chance, stop on by to see me at my booth LilacsNDreams OR visit some other wonderful people there too. There is a LOT of nice things there to look at, and shop too if you want!:) Good Evening everyone in BlogLand. Catch ya later.....Kim:)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hello Bloggers! Today is Tues & where has the time gone already?! WHEW! Sadly, today has been lazy day for me. I have been doin a lil more research about venues for selling at. Many places I research, visit, etc a lot of the sellers have their own websites & 1,2,3 different venues they are listing at too. Makes me feel lazy & I like I really haven't gotten too much done. I have good intentions of listing all the time, but when I sit down to the computer lately I have been doing a lot of research. Oh, yeah, I also visit a lot of the blogs too. Some of them are just gorgeous, and they are so informative too. Many keep their blogs updated, and some post once in a while. Everyone has their own pace & way of doing things, right? Yesterday & today I received items from my 1st auction I had attended at in the booth of Fabulous pcs, nicely wrapped & came to me securely and in a timely fashion too. Should check her out later today/tonight as she is running another bonanza & they are fun & some great people there too!

Fall is coming, the weather is changing, it is starting to cool a bit. At night it really has been getting cooler & during the day isn't too bad yet. Hopefully can get my son's senior pictures finished off today. It would be nice so I have time to sort thru the pics & decide what will work to be turned in for the year book, and etc. Also, while we can still get outside to finish them too:)

If anyone has any comments on any other venues I should check on for selling I would be interested. I am signed up with,, and I have been considering a website, but just do not know enough about that to know what is good, bad, what to look for, what websites all include, and etc. Still researching that one. Wishing everyone a Great Day & may it bring all that you want. Take care everyone...Later, Kim

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Good Day Everyone! :) Hope ya'll are having a good weekend...mine hasn't been too bad. I haven't really gotten anything done like I wanted to, but that is ok. There is always tomorrow, and it will get done sometime, right?:) Making more friends at Bonanzle which I am enjoying very much & have been having fun there too:) Excellent atmosphere for shopping & for selling!. If you are not a seller people need to keep in mind there is actually quite a bit of work that goes into selling all the wonderful treasures to everyone on line. It is like having a physical store, you worry about the appearance of your pics, the coloring, the pricing, is it a needed item at the time, the customer service that will be provided to all customers, the shipping, and etc.

Everyone has their preference on the shipping they use, and their charges for it. Let's face it, shipping with the postal service has gotten a bit higher like many other things with our economy. Some like to use the shipping calculator..which that still can be a bit off sometimes on the different sights, some use UPS for shipping, and some use USPS. Unless otherwise stated I use USPS Priority Mail for shipment of all items myself. Also, I do not use a shipping calculator, but a flat rate that I calculate with my scale I have at home, and when I weigh I include everything...the bubble wrap, peanuts if they are used, any filler used, invoices, and etc. After weighing that all out, then I go thru the copies of charts I have & spend time to calculate what is a reasonable shipping price to apply. I get as close as I can cuz taping the box & the shipping labels can still make a difference. I get very frustrated with different sellers when I do see they are over charging for the shipping & no where is it stated they charge a handling fee. To use the bubble wraps, peanuts, tapes, print outs, fragile stamps, & etc can get a lil costly for a seller. IF I would happen to drastically over chg on the shipping I do reimburse that to the customers. But, many times I usually pay the overage which is at my expense.

Another issue I don't think a lot of people realize is the time that is spent researching all the treasures that are being sold by many. In researching I mean, the values of items. Looking them up on the internet, or maybe you have some of your own collectors books to use for this aspect. Then, looking thru the internet to see if any others are listed, are they selling, what price are they selling at, can you meet the price & what is being offered for shipping some where else? Or, can you offer a better deal then the next, and etc. I know a lot of people assume that a seller just takes the pics, posts it to the public & slaps a price on there. But, there are MANY of us who do all the extra work with research.

When I am posting items for sale, I try to put myself in the place of the buyer & treat it like that. I too am also a buyer like many who sell. So, everytime I list something I keep in mind how it looks to others, if it would be appealing in how it was presented, keep my descriptions as short as possible, but still informative. Make sure I note as much as possible in sizes, measurements, truthful conditions, if there are any flaws, etc. The more I can tell you right away, the less you have to question OR try to contact me about. And, if there are flaws to show them in my pictures along with noting if there is a makers mark, stickers, and etc for identification to the items being offered. Keep in mind that I sell only things that I would be proud to display in my own home...Hubby says no more, but I still would:)

Well, now, this blog got kind of lengthy today. Sorry about that. But, for those who might not know I wanted to try & give an idea of what it is some of us sellers do prior to listing treasures for sale to the public. Ya'll have a great weekend & I will drop back by here again. Gotta try to get more research done, take a few pics, and back to bonanzle I will go... Take care & Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Good Morning everyone! For me it has been an early morning. Woke up early & have not been able to sleep. What better things to do than get on the computer, right? Gives me time to try & stay caught up with everything. Been into a lot of things this morning, looking at a lot of things, and a person can always learn something new. That I have been doing. I got pics of a couple of items from yesterday that I would like get posted onto Bonanzle. Since I found some things I didn't know I had, I will have to work a lil harder to these things posted as I have more boxes to go thru, and have to go thru some things in the basment too:) After looking at many blogs this morning, looking at different seller, and etc I almost feel lazy:( There are some people out there who really stay busy, and it looks so good on their sites too! If I can just stay focused I know I can get there too. Well, don't really have a whole lot to talk about right now. Wanted to stop in here & say Hi to everyone & hope ya'll have an Excellent Day!:) Take care....Kim

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

***** WHAT FUN!! *****

Good Evening Bloggers!:) I hope this finds everyone doing well:) You will see a few pics of some things I have listed for sale at I have sooo much more to do & found some more boxes again tonite. So, I am hoping to stay busy tomorrow listing things & not so much socializing. They are just soo friendly there, it is hard to get everything done like I start out to. Tonight I had a blast! I participated in my 1st live auction at Bonanzle! What fun! While U bid U could also converse with the owner of the booth & others that are there to visit, watch, or participate too. 1 auction carried on for quite some time, but it was all in fun & for a good cause too. We sure had fun during the auction tho:) I ended up winning a lil 3" pitcher with angels on it & also an LP record with the song "Kiss An Angel Good Morning" on it. Thought my hubby would like that. Need to stop by & see this gal at her booth. Cuz what didn't sell at auction tonight she was still gonna live it sittin in the auction block where you could make an offer on the items too. The theme for this auction she did was 'Angels' Just adorable!:) Ok, the booth to see for that is You get a chance stop in & see her within the next couple of days. Great Lady & a lot of fun too!:) Now, the woman I really had fun with during the auction tonight has a booth at bonanzle too. You get a chance, stop by & see her too. Beautiful person to deal with too!:) & she answers to pinky:) Not enough words & room to explain all the fun I have been having there & also everything I am learning too. Has been very educational for me too. I do have my widget on the lower right side which will show you most of the items I am listing for sale right now at Bonanzle. Get a chance come visit me there too:) Usually when I am on line there I can chat with you in the box in my booth too. That's right, live chats with some of these owners if they are on line! How neat is that! Well, it is late, and I do believe I am finally calming down from that really fun live auction I attended. Ya'll take care & Have an Excellent Evening! Thanks for visiting & catch up to ya'll later....Kim

Monday, September 21, 2009


There are a lot of people in blogland here & some of them really have some nice things to show & share!:) Just like at OR & etc. If you have time where you can just browse, you really need to keep looking things up thru all the bloggers here, and those I mentioned. It is amazing some of the things that you can see & all of the crafted people out there & of course all the fellow Junk Hunters like me too:) I know I am horrid about working lately. I get on the computer to work on some listings for items I have for sale, and spend MUCH time looking at other people's stuff, reading, venturing off to places they suggested, and etc. Thank Goodness I am able to work at my own pace, and have no real deadlines to meet...other than the goals I set for myself & don't completely fulfill due to my roaming around:-) Like this morning at bonanzle I always browse & see what others are offering there & met up with some really nice booths that are selling a lot of what I have, but in different styles, colors, shapes. The antiques, collectibles & useful things are coming into bonanzle more & more each day. The numbers are climbing there & it is a marketing place that is growing & moving up:) So, when ya'll are out browsing & just want some things to do to pass time make sure you look thru the bloggers here as they have much to offer & show, browse thru bonanzle...might suprise yourself & find something you need there, or check out etsy as there is some really nice hand made items there along with antiques/vintage that is also sold there too:) Happy Monday to everyone & Hope ya'll have an Excellent Day!:)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


WOW! What a week & where did the time go??? I feel bad as I have been by here a couple of times to check on things, but didn't get anything posted to ya'll. Sorry about that:( Almost feels like summer as the time just slipped away from me. Well, I got the loaner taken back to the dealer & they got my tahoe done. What a difference that bit made for what they did, WOW! Hubby has been busy with work, and our son has also been busy with school, work, had a 1 day suspension...senior yr in school, had conference...was a flaw with his schedule & has now been fixed so that he will graduate (whew), have helped my sister at her store for a couple of days, and so on. Did get a few more things listed with Bonanzle which I am showing you some of that above. Boy, Bonanzle's numbers in members/people/listings has grown fast! If you sit on the 1 pg looking at things, reading, etc you can watch how the numbers just keep climbing. I am signed up wth eCrater, but I tell you for some reason I am having a hard time getting around that place. I had emailed & made the comment with a response to check what some of these people had to say, and was referred to a few places. That was no help has those listings were from a few mths old back to 2006 when posted. I felt bad & it kind of hurt too. Sooo much easier at Bonanzle & there is always someone some where that is willing to help out wth something too:) Today Hubby & I took some time to ourselves & went to the fair for the day. We walked all around, watched a few things, looked at a few things & while hubby was busy with 1 thing I snuck off to the antiques barn. HMM!! I was sooo happy & could have spent my whole time there lookin, talkin with other collectors, ask questions, learn things, etc. I did see a few pcs I use to own, do own, or 1 fenton pc I have no one had that which I liked. I seen some beautiful light blue glassware that was just gorgeous with the shine, cleanliness, design work, and just not enough words to describe it! That booth owner & I shared some ideas, things we've seen, things we knew, etc. Then...there was hubby & it was time to go:( Oh, well, nxt time I will just go myself to do that kind of thing:) Anyway, it is really late, gotta get some sleep, get up again, send some information to a friend of mine who does beautiful photography work & see if I can help her a bit, etc. Hopefully I am a lil more productive tomorrow listing a few things, working on some scrapbook stuff I want to get done, etc. Ya'll have an excellent weekend & will catch up to ya'll later. Till the next time.....Have a Good One!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hello again everyone!:) Hope ya'll are having a very good weekend! Mine hasn't been too bad. Uneventful, which I can handle, but yet keeping myself busy around the house too. Pictured you will see a banner & an avatar that was done by VirtualDesigns at bonanzle. Corine is a very good person to work with, knowledgable, and helps you greatly with all your questions & concerns too. Along with these 2 items I also got a template to use with my listings on Bonanzle. When you get a chance, you should drop in & visit sometime to see these templates. I was able to start using them yesterday & once I got the hang of it, what a breeze it is to post now:) Once I got the banner on my booth I had a couple of compliments within about 5 min & they wanted to know who did my banner too:)
Ok, the tahoe issue is being worked on rt now. We did stop in & visit as planned. We were there for a while so calls could be made to the mechanic everyone likes, discuss together what had happened, etc. We ALL agreed I should not drive my tahoe anymore till it is fixed. So, we parked it there & they gave us a loaner to use. We were warned it would probabaly be at least a week till it got done by the time they had someone available to drive it to where it has to go, sitting it there, etc. No problem, just so they get it done & get it done, right?:) Well bloggers, I do hope everyone is enjoying the weather where you are at...great here today!! The weekend is going well for all, and I am gonna head out for now. Tryin to talk hubbey into goin to the fair that started yesterday. So, gotta get a move on. Have a Great Day to all~:)........Kim

Thursday, September 10, 2009

**** Aint Life Grand ****

Hello Everyone & thanks for stopping by to peek, visit, read, lounge, etc. Hope your week has been going well for you. Mine is consisting of mechanics, repairing my tahoe, the dealer, etc. My how some mechanics can really not know anything, but get used anyway! WHEW! Tomorrow Hubby & I to talk with Dealership owner & am hoping to finally get something resolved that has been an ongoing issue for over a week now! I am very upset with the owner because of a position he put me in today & even more when I realized what the mechanic had told him & it was ignored completely!!:( How sad! No wonder so many people have issues to deal with. There just really isn't any honest business/corporations anymore! So, everyone cross your fingers & say a prayer for me that tomorrow the outcome is what I need it to be:) Been takin pics of things for resale with Bonanzle & a friend of mine also opened her booth yesterday. She is still working everything out, and hopefully soon can list something for everyone's pleasures too:) Her booth name is . Feel free to stop by & visit her some time. I know she would like it with being new there & all. Well everyone, I am off to work on some more catching up. Working on a template to be used for my sales at bonanzle...great lady! Look her up sometime too. She is she has some really nice templates, banners & avatars too:) Ya'll have a great evening & just think, the weekend is almost here!!:) Later everyone....Kim

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello Bloggers. I hope everyone had a good weekend & made it home safely. Kind of hard to get up today, but it had to be done. I had to check on sales, if anything sold, take some more pics, get son off to school again & have hubby home in my hair for a bit too:) Well, hopefully after today a gliche I have dealth wth for a few days at Bonanzle wth my 1st sale has been resolved. I felt really bad as the item that sold was not showing sold in my booth & leaving it open to others. I did find another seller who was experiencing the same issue as I. But, since it was not showing sold for me I could not get a copy of the invoice that I like to always include with the boxes when shipped myself. So, I manually made 1 up for this occasion. Then...another fellow bonanzeler had placed an offer for the item I sold. BOY, did I feel bad & I have apologized & explained it. That still doesn't take away the sick feeling I had dealing wth this cuz they are really nice, I Luv the items in their booth & all I could do was explain it 1 more time due to the gliche & I added in me being new too:( Later, the other seller having the same gliche contacted me as they made another sale & everything went thru just fine. Sooo, hopefully on my next sale it is also fixed for me too:) I did sort thru some more boxes today & realized I did not get everything donated like I thought I had. Sooo, I sorted thru things again, started taking pics of items & will have to just keep posting a lil at a time each day. Well everyone, I really do hope ya'll had a great weekend, you survived it, and came back home to everyone safely too. I must be off again. You get a chance stop by & visit the bonanzle community as they have some really great people there, some really neat stuff being sold there, much variety & the shopping experience is just great!:) Take care everyone until the next time.......................Toodles:)

Monday, September 7, 2009

! ! ! Y-I-P-P-E-E ! ! !

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!...I am sooo excited everyone!! After much time spent researching, reading, asking questions, lookin again & again I finally decided to start listing some items for sale at Bonanzle. I haven't gotten near as far as I wanted, but I did get 3 things on there now. After about 1 1/2 days of listing I sold my 1st item!!:-) WOW! I am just sooo excited I even tried callin my know it's a lil after 10 pm when I did that...course Holiday weekend & I get no answer. That is fine because now I am here sharin the same joy with ya'll:-) Better yet, I did not have to deal with Paypal as they chose the Google Checkout that I also offer along with Money Orders. As soon as I got my google checkout all verified wth it being a new acct for me their payment came thru right away. That money will be sent to my bank acct. within a couple of days. I do nothing, it just goes:) I profited more here with Bonanzle than I could have wth the 'Bay' because there is NO listing fee, you only pay when an item sells & there are charts for that. Up to $50 they only chg you $1...that is right $1 is what I got charged for my item selling. Now, I don't know if & what Google will charge me, but will soon find out. Either way, my costs were sooo much less than at the 'Bay' too! Ok, enough of my babbling...sorry eveyone, but I was just so excited with my accomplishment. Hope ya'll are having a Great Weekend so far. Take care till the next time.........................Kim

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hello again everyone...Happy Weekend:) I was thinkin of my Grandmother today & missing her a lil. So...I thought I would share a pic of something that had been hers. This particular book was made yrs ago wth pics of her 2 twin daughters & then a poem had been put on the side. I put some different purple flowers, wreath, an angel made & etc around it for show. It is sitting on a light colored cloth doilie/mat which ALL sits upon 1 of the old sewing machines that I have. Then...after this I went back into Bonanzle & enjoyed my time browsing different booths. I mostly looked at old, antique, treasured items. Some jewels, older clothing, hats, etc. Just time to myself today with no worries:) 1 lady I was thrilled to view her stuff today was She has some really adorable 5X7 cards that showed some old pics, some gorgeous flowers, beautiful sayings, etc. Luv'd them & just melted looking thru her things. I took a few more pics today, but had company so I haven't added those along with a couple of other things at Bonanzle yet. If you want to stop in sometime there to see what I have been doin, just look me up at Not a lot there yet, but it is a start. Hopefully do a lil more this weekend yet. Anyway, gotta go chase the grand baby around a bit. So, till the next time bloggers. Have a Good One!:)


Good Evening/Morning BlogLand!:) I am bushed, need to get some sleep, but had to stop here quick to visit shortly. Well...I finally did it!! I am now listed with I only have 2 things listed there right now, but it took me a lil bit to get some things figured out. You want to watch how many words you use between your Title & Your Description so that you will get picked up on Google Searches. Didn't know that at first, but now I do. Took me a lil to get things adjusted, but I got it finally!! I had been with the Bay for at least 5 yrs & just got to use to it, or at least how I did things there. I am still working on Bonanzle, always something to learn, but there is always someone there to lend a helping hand. You throw a question out there & it doesn't take long for someone to respond to it. Sooo friendly there too! Anyway, I do have a button I will add to my blog to hit for Bonanzle, but I am too tired to do anything else more complicating with the computer. Now....It is Labor Day Weekend. I hope ya'll enjoy it. Have Fun Bloggers & Be Safe!! Good Evening:-)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hello again everyone:) Today has gone well so far & I hope the same is happening for you too! I was up late last night researching & looking at where I had reserved my name there, and trying to decide if I wanted to sell there OR on ebay. Well, as you know I started back with ebay & with just a few things. After dealing with Bonanzle last night I am getting more & more comfortable with that place. I asked different questions from different people & always got a response right away. This morning when I opened 1 of my emails I had a couple more responses which I had asked really late last nite. But, I had concerns, was trying to chg some things, etc & everyone was sooo good to deal with there!:) Very comfortable atmosphere & their nos. have been building too:) Now, for the pics I am showing. The platter is the 2nd 1 that I have from the Homer Laughlin Cavalier Eggshell Collection. Very good shape, very clean & very shiney:) Gorgeous color & this is known as the Rose Pink Design. Just yummy, isn't it? Then, next to it is a soap dish & matching shower curtain hooks (12) that I had found when hunting the other day. It is a used set, but is sooo cute! I am picturing it with 1 of those Cottage Rose homes, and surely knowing this can work with some of the vintage or retro home decor too:) HMM...the possibilities! I am thinking maybe by tomorrow to be showing maybe a couple of things at Bonanzle to test the waters a bit. I will let ya'll know for sure. Ok, gotta go again. Ya'll take care & Have a Great Day/Evening!:-)


Hello BlogLand!:) Boy, I hope ya'll are having better days than I have had lately!:( We have had 3 vehicles, all in a row mind you, had their transmissions go. Our Son's car went & we went ahead & just junked it. Then...he was drivin my husband's truck & boom! Transmission went on that Sun. Then, Mon nite he comes home from work & says I need to drive my Tahoe, something is not right. So, Tues took it to the dealer, their mechanics looked at it & YES! Transmission is goin wth that too! The truck got towed in today (Wed) to the mechanic & is bein worked on, but my tahoe cannot go in until next Thurs is the next available time for it:( UGH!!

So, today I spent most of the day looking at Ebay wth my very few auctions there right now, and spent the rest of the afternoon checking more into Bonanzle. WOW! The people there have been really friendly, they are easy goin around there, sooo much more easier & laid back than what Ebay has become. I spent time asking Angie @ 'treasuresgoaround' at Bonanzle quests & she was so nice to keep responding to me, in a very timely matter I might add & helped me out tremendously! Also, I worked more on my booth getting it set up to start posting some things there for sale. I was happy with the forms of payments that could be used: Paypal, Google Check Out & I also chose Money Orders to be accepted too:) Another thing I liked & feel really comfortable with is that Insurance can still be an option if you want it or not & that I can note how I am not responsible for uninsured, misdirected, broken or misplaced items once they ship. By the 22nd of Sept Ebay is changing all of that. Insurance is not optional to them & it will have to find a way to be added into a dollar amount some where cuz it cannot be charged on the side:( Ebay use to be fun when I 1st started there, but now....HMMM! So, anyway, it is really really late & I better scoot for now. I'll be home again tomorrow, so maybe I will pop back in here. Ya'll take care! Later........

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello ~ Thank You ~ 2 More Items..........

Hello everyone, good evening, early morning....Greetings for whatever time of day it is your way!:) First of all, before I have a brain freeze again & forget about this, I wanted to send out a "THANK YOU" to all those who have been dropping by to visit & to those of you who have joined up to follow me. Thank You so much!:) I know I am small, and still a working progress, but do appreciate those stopping by & following me. Now, onto the next issue with these 2 pics that are hanging over this. On ebay tonight, these are 2 more items from the Homer Laughlin Cavalier Eggshell dishes that I have posted for sale. The design is a fabulous Rose Pink Design & let me tell you all of the pieces so far are sooo much better in person than what I can picture. They are sooo clean & what a shine!:) They are great additions to those who collect Homer Laughlin pieces, or even for those Cottage Rose collectors too:) HMM...the possibilities. Anyway, it is late where I am at, was gonna do this later in the day, but just couldn't wait. Ya'll take care & Have a Great HUMP DAY!:) Later...
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