Sunday, September 20, 2009


WOW! What a week & where did the time go??? I feel bad as I have been by here a couple of times to check on things, but didn't get anything posted to ya'll. Sorry about that:( Almost feels like summer as the time just slipped away from me. Well, I got the loaner taken back to the dealer & they got my tahoe done. What a difference that bit made for what they did, WOW! Hubby has been busy with work, and our son has also been busy with school, work, had a 1 day suspension...senior yr in school, had conference...was a flaw with his schedule & has now been fixed so that he will graduate (whew), have helped my sister at her store for a couple of days, and so on. Did get a few more things listed with Bonanzle which I am showing you some of that above. Boy, Bonanzle's numbers in members/people/listings has grown fast! If you sit on the 1 pg looking at things, reading, etc you can watch how the numbers just keep climbing. I am signed up wth eCrater, but I tell you for some reason I am having a hard time getting around that place. I had emailed & made the comment with a response to check what some of these people had to say, and was referred to a few places. That was no help has those listings were from a few mths old back to 2006 when posted. I felt bad & it kind of hurt too. Sooo much easier at Bonanzle & there is always someone some where that is willing to help out wth something too:) Today Hubby & I took some time to ourselves & went to the fair for the day. We walked all around, watched a few things, looked at a few things & while hubby was busy with 1 thing I snuck off to the antiques barn. HMM!! I was sooo happy & could have spent my whole time there lookin, talkin with other collectors, ask questions, learn things, etc. I did see a few pcs I use to own, do own, or 1 fenton pc I have no one had that which I liked. I seen some beautiful light blue glassware that was just gorgeous with the shine, cleanliness, design work, and just not enough words to describe it! That booth owner & I shared some ideas, things we've seen, things we knew, etc. Then...there was hubby & it was time to go:( Oh, well, nxt time I will just go myself to do that kind of thing:) Anyway, it is really late, gotta get some sleep, get up again, send some information to a friend of mine who does beautiful photography work & see if I can help her a bit, etc. Hopefully I am a lil more productive tomorrow listing a few things, working on some scrapbook stuff I want to get done, etc. Ya'll have an excellent weekend & will catch up to ya'll later. Till the next time.....Have a Good One!

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