Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hello Bloggers! Today is Tues & where has the time gone already?! WHEW! Sadly, today has been lazy day for me. I have been doin a lil more research about venues for selling at. Many places I research, visit, etc a lot of the sellers have their own websites & 1,2,3 different venues they are listing at too. Makes me feel lazy & I like I really haven't gotten too much done. I have good intentions of listing all the time, but when I sit down to the computer lately I have been doing a lot of research. Oh, yeah, I also visit a lot of the blogs too. Some of them are just gorgeous, and they are so informative too. Many keep their blogs updated, and some post once in a while. Everyone has their own pace & way of doing things, right? Yesterday & today I received items from my 1st auction I had attended at www.Bonanzle.com in the booth of www.bonanzle.com/booths/starshinin Fabulous pcs, nicely wrapped & came to me securely and in a timely fashion too. Should check her out later today/tonight as she is running another bonanza & they are fun & some great people there too!

Fall is coming, the weather is changing, it is starting to cool a bit. At night it really has been getting cooler & during the day isn't too bad yet. Hopefully can get my son's senior pictures finished off today. It would be nice so I have time to sort thru the pics & decide what will work to be turned in for the year book, and etc. Also, while we can still get outside to finish them too:)

If anyone has any comments on any other venues I should check on for selling I would be interested. I am signed up with Bonanzle.com, eCrater.com, and Etsy.com. I have been considering a website, but just do not know enough about that to know what is good, bad, what to look for, what websites all include, and etc. Still researching that one. Wishing everyone a Great Day & may it bring all that you want. Take care everyone...Later, Kim

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