Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello Bloggers. I hope everyone had a good weekend & made it home safely. Kind of hard to get up today, but it had to be done. I had to check on sales, if anything sold, take some more pics, get son off to school again & have hubby home in my hair for a bit too:) Well, hopefully after today a gliche I have dealth wth for a few days at Bonanzle wth my 1st sale has been resolved. I felt really bad as the item that sold was not showing sold in my booth & leaving it open to others. I did find another seller who was experiencing the same issue as I. But, since it was not showing sold for me I could not get a copy of the invoice that I like to always include with the boxes when shipped myself. So, I manually made 1 up for this occasion. Then...another fellow bonanzeler had placed an offer for the item I sold. BOY, did I feel bad & I have apologized & explained it. That still doesn't take away the sick feeling I had dealing wth this cuz they are really nice, I Luv the items in their booth & all I could do was explain it 1 more time due to the gliche & I added in me being new too:( Later, the other seller having the same gliche contacted me as they made another sale & everything went thru just fine. Sooo, hopefully on my next sale it is also fixed for me too:) I did sort thru some more boxes today & realized I did not get everything donated like I thought I had. Sooo, I sorted thru things again, started taking pics of items & will have to just keep posting a lil at a time each day. Well everyone, I really do hope ya'll had a great weekend, you survived it, and came back home to everyone safely too. I must be off again. You get a chance stop by & visit the bonanzle community as they have some really great people there, some really neat stuff being sold there, much variety & the shopping experience is just great!:) Take care everyone until the next time.......................Toodles:)

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