Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hello BlogLand!:) Boy, I hope ya'll are having better days than I have had lately!:( We have had 3 vehicles, all in a row mind you, had their transmissions go. Our Son's car went & we went ahead & just junked it. Then...he was drivin my husband's truck & boom! Transmission went on that Sun. Then, Mon nite he comes home from work & says I need to drive my Tahoe, something is not right. So, Tues took it to the dealer, their mechanics looked at it & YES! Transmission is goin wth that too! The truck got towed in today (Wed) to the mechanic & is bein worked on, but my tahoe cannot go in until next Thurs is the next available time for it:( UGH!!

So, today I spent most of the day looking at Ebay wth my very few auctions there right now, and spent the rest of the afternoon checking more into Bonanzle. WOW! The people there have been really friendly, they are easy goin around there, sooo much more easier & laid back than what Ebay has become. I spent time asking Angie @ 'treasuresgoaround' at Bonanzle quests & she was so nice to keep responding to me, in a very timely matter I might add & helped me out tremendously! Also, I worked more on my booth getting it set up to start posting some things there for sale. I was happy with the forms of payments that could be used: Paypal, Google Check Out & I also chose Money Orders to be accepted too:) Another thing I liked & feel really comfortable with is that Insurance can still be an option if you want it or not & that I can note how I am not responsible for uninsured, misdirected, broken or misplaced items once they ship. By the 22nd of Sept Ebay is changing all of that. Insurance is not optional to them & it will have to find a way to be added into a dollar amount some where cuz it cannot be charged on the side:( Ebay use to be fun when I 1st started there, but now....HMMM! So, anyway, it is really really late & I better scoot for now. I'll be home again tomorrow, so maybe I will pop back in here. Ya'll take care! Later........

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