Thursday, September 10, 2009

**** Aint Life Grand ****

Hello Everyone & thanks for stopping by to peek, visit, read, lounge, etc. Hope your week has been going well for you. Mine is consisting of mechanics, repairing my tahoe, the dealer, etc. My how some mechanics can really not know anything, but get used anyway! WHEW! Tomorrow Hubby & I to talk with Dealership owner & am hoping to finally get something resolved that has been an ongoing issue for over a week now! I am very upset with the owner because of a position he put me in today & even more when I realized what the mechanic had told him & it was ignored completely!!:( How sad! No wonder so many people have issues to deal with. There just really isn't any honest business/corporations anymore! So, everyone cross your fingers & say a prayer for me that tomorrow the outcome is what I need it to be:) Been takin pics of things for resale with Bonanzle & a friend of mine also opened her booth yesterday. She is still working everything out, and hopefully soon can list something for everyone's pleasures too:) Her booth name is . Feel free to stop by & visit her some time. I know she would like it with being new there & all. Well everyone, I am off to work on some more catching up. Working on a template to be used for my sales at bonanzle...great lady! Look her up sometime too. She is she has some really nice templates, banners & avatars too:) Ya'll have a great evening & just think, the weekend is almost here!!:) Later everyone....Kim

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