Monday, September 21, 2009


There are a lot of people in blogland here & some of them really have some nice things to show & share!:) Just like at OR & etc. If you have time where you can just browse, you really need to keep looking things up thru all the bloggers here, and those I mentioned. It is amazing some of the things that you can see & all of the crafted people out there & of course all the fellow Junk Hunters like me too:) I know I am horrid about working lately. I get on the computer to work on some listings for items I have for sale, and spend MUCH time looking at other people's stuff, reading, venturing off to places they suggested, and etc. Thank Goodness I am able to work at my own pace, and have no real deadlines to meet...other than the goals I set for myself & don't completely fulfill due to my roaming around:-) Like this morning at bonanzle I always browse & see what others are offering there & met up with some really nice booths that are selling a lot of what I have, but in different styles, colors, shapes. The antiques, collectibles & useful things are coming into bonanzle more & more each day. The numbers are climbing there & it is a marketing place that is growing & moving up:) So, when ya'll are out browsing & just want some things to do to pass time make sure you look thru the bloggers here as they have much to offer & show, browse thru bonanzle...might suprise yourself & find something you need there, or check out etsy as there is some really nice hand made items there along with antiques/vintage that is also sold there too:) Happy Monday to everyone & Hope ya'll have an Excellent Day!:)

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