Tuesday, September 22, 2009

***** WHAT FUN!! *****

Good Evening Bloggers!:) I hope this finds everyone doing well:) You will see a few pics of some things I have listed for sale at www.bonanzle.com/booths/LilacsNDreams I have sooo much more to do & found some more boxes again tonite. So, I am hoping to stay busy tomorrow listing things & not so much socializing. They are just soo friendly there, it is hard to get everything done like I start out to. Tonight I had a blast! I participated in my 1st live auction at Bonanzle! What fun! While U bid U could also converse with the owner of the booth & others that are there to visit, watch, or participate too. 1 auction carried on for quite some time, but it was all in fun & for a good cause too. We sure had fun during the auction tho:) I ended up winning a lil 3" pitcher with angels on it & also an LP record with the song "Kiss An Angel Good Morning" on it. Thought my hubby would like that. Need to stop by & see this gal at her booth. Cuz what didn't sell at auction tonight she was still gonna live it sittin in the auction block where you could make an offer on the items too. The theme for this auction she did was 'Angels' Just adorable!:) Ok, the booth to see for that is www.bonanzle.com/booths/starshinin You get a chance stop in & see her within the next couple of days. Great Lady & a lot of fun too!:) Now, the woman I really had fun with during the auction tonight has a booth at bonanzle too. You get a chance, stop by & see her too. Beautiful person to deal with too!:) www.bonanzle.com/booths/thepinkfrogshoppe & she answers to pinky:) Not enough words & room to explain all the fun I have been having there & also everything I am learning too. Has been very educational for me too. I do have my widget on the lower right side which will show you most of the items I am listing for sale right now at Bonanzle. Get a chance come visit me there too:) www.bonanzle.com/booths/LilacsNDreams Usually when I am on line there I can chat with you in the box in my booth too. That's right, live chats with some of these owners if they are on line! How neat is that! Well, it is late, and I do believe I am finally calming down from that really fun live auction I attended. Ya'll take care & Have an Excellent Evening! Thanks for visiting & catch up to ya'll later....Kim

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