Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hello again everyone:) Today has gone well so far & I hope the same is happening for you too! I was up late last night researching & looking at where I had reserved my name there, and trying to decide if I wanted to sell there OR on ebay. Well, as you know I started back with ebay & with just a few things. After dealing with Bonanzle last night I am getting more & more comfortable with that place. I asked different questions from different people & always got a response right away. This morning when I opened 1 of my emails I had a couple more responses which I had asked really late last nite. But, I had concerns, was trying to chg some things, etc & everyone was sooo good to deal with there!:) Very comfortable atmosphere & their nos. have been building too:) Now, for the pics I am showing. The platter is the 2nd 1 that I have from the Homer Laughlin Cavalier Eggshell Collection. Very good shape, very clean & very shiney:) Gorgeous color & this is known as the Rose Pink Design. Just yummy, isn't it? Then, next to it is a soap dish & matching shower curtain hooks (12) that I had found when hunting the other day. It is a used set, but is sooo cute! I am picturing it with 1 of those Cottage Rose homes, and surely knowing this can work with some of the vintage or retro home decor too:) HMM...the possibilities! I am thinking maybe by tomorrow to be showing maybe a couple of things at Bonanzle to test the waters a bit. I will let ya'll know for sure. Ok, gotta go again. Ya'll take care & Have a Great Day/Evening!:-)

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