Saturday, September 5, 2009


Good Evening/Morning BlogLand!:) I am bushed, need to get some sleep, but had to stop here quick to visit shortly. Well...I finally did it!! I am now listed with I only have 2 things listed there right now, but it took me a lil bit to get some things figured out. You want to watch how many words you use between your Title & Your Description so that you will get picked up on Google Searches. Didn't know that at first, but now I do. Took me a lil to get things adjusted, but I got it finally!! I had been with the Bay for at least 5 yrs & just got to use to it, or at least how I did things there. I am still working on Bonanzle, always something to learn, but there is always someone there to lend a helping hand. You throw a question out there & it doesn't take long for someone to respond to it. Sooo friendly there too! Anyway, I do have a button I will add to my blog to hit for Bonanzle, but I am too tired to do anything else more complicating with the computer. Now....It is Labor Day Weekend. I hope ya'll enjoy it. Have Fun Bloggers & Be Safe!! Good Evening:-)


  1. Congrats on opening up over at Bonanzle! You will find that people anywhere else, other than the "Bay", are so pleasant to deal with & will ask yourself why it took so long! Good luck with the new shop!

    BTW, Found your blog over on Twitter!

  2. Thanx sooo much Alicia!:) Always scarey doin somethin new. Had been wth the 'Bay' for about 5 yrs so this place is new. They are great there, pleasant, fun & very easy to work with too!!:) Again, thanks so much & Good Luck to you!:)


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