Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hello again everyone!:) Hope ya'll are having a very good weekend! Mine hasn't been too bad. Uneventful, which I can handle, but yet keeping myself busy around the house too. Pictured you will see a banner & an avatar that was done by VirtualDesigns at bonanzle. Corine is a very good person to work with, knowledgable, and helps you greatly with all your questions & concerns too. Along with these 2 items I also got a template to use with my listings on Bonanzle. When you get a chance, you should drop in & visit sometime to see these templates. I was able to start using them yesterday & once I got the hang of it, what a breeze it is to post now:) Once I got the banner on my booth I had a couple of compliments within about 5 min & they wanted to know who did my banner too:)
Ok, the tahoe issue is being worked on rt now. We did stop in & visit as planned. We were there for a while so calls could be made to the mechanic everyone likes, discuss together what had happened, etc. We ALL agreed I should not drive my tahoe anymore till it is fixed. So, we parked it there & they gave us a loaner to use. We were warned it would probabaly be at least a week till it got done by the time they had someone available to drive it to where it has to go, sitting it there, etc. No problem, just so they get it done & get it done, right?:) Well bloggers, I do hope everyone is enjoying the weather where you are at...great here today!! The weekend is going well for all, and I am gonna head out for now. Tryin to talk hubbey into goin to the fair that started yesterday. So, gotta get a move on. Have a Great Day to all~:)........Kim


  1. Visiting from bonanzle and now following!!!

  2. Jennette, thanks for stopping by to visit & for the follow too!:) Much luck to you with all your bonanzle sales!:)

  3. Lovely post,thankyou so much for sharing

  4. Elise, thanks for visiting & sharing too:) Always welcome to stop by anytime!:)


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