Thursday, September 30, 2010

ArtFire, Treasure Seekers Unite, Bonanza, eCrater

Hello everyone, and Welcome back to my blog!:) Nice to see ya'll again, and hope all has been good for you:) Busy Busy Busy! I like it like that, and then again some days would like to breath too. 

You will notice on the right side of this page I have added in the Shop With...ArtFire, and ArtFire #2. One store is for LilacsNDreams...of course!:) And, the other store is for some things I am working on, and trying to separate inventory with some repurposed & upcycled projects that are working. I am finishing a couple of pcs, have 1 pc 1/2 done...paint really has me stumped on this one...another 1 is 1/2 done needs another coat of paint, dry, and apply my mod podge with some paper, and I have washed a few more pcs and preparing to start gluing some more. Actually, 1 is glued, and now to find the lace for it I would like to use:)

Been busy with TSU Sellers Network @ gaining new members, and....have added some more storefronts again today with Netcarnation! LOVE IT!:) Stop by to see us there, and enjoy what others are already experiencing:)

Slowly working with my listings on bonanza...and soon to get to ecrater. The holidays are fast approaching now, and would like to get out there what I have for my inventory here. So, hopefully sales pick up, and I get even more busier with things:)

Hope this finds everyone doing well, and thanks so much for visiting with me again!:) Have a super Friday Everyone!:)

Monday, September 27, 2010



NEW PAYMENT VENUE! stop by to check this place out. Great to have alternatives to paypal, right? Great fees here, easy sign up, and stop by to see it. Just give it a click, and away you go:) See you there:)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Treasure Seekers Unite also known as TSU Sellers Network

Hello everyone, and a very happy Sunday to you! It is beautiful out here today, sunny, and loving it! Hope ya'll are having a great day, and great weather where you are also. 

Well, let's see, the name change with Bonanzle to BONANZA  has been working well so far. There are some who are upset for reasons of how things were handled, how some things need to be redone but will cost again to do so, and some other issues. There are been much said about it, and some of it is scary reading for what is said, and then there is much positive for what is being said too. This is something everyone has to draw their own opinion with. I know my views were climbing, and now they have been dropping again. But, do to another site I am signed with, and working on, I might have found some of my issue with some words being used & not knowing at the time that they were disallowed words with google. 

By the way, great discussion about "Disallowed Goolge Words" is taking place with TSU Treasure Seekers Unite There has been a great discussion there with this topic, people sharing what they know, and some good advice too. Visit with this to see what is being said. 

 Treasure Trunk Group Here is yet another group listed on TSU Treasure Seekers Unite  This Treasure Trunk Group is for questions of items people need help with identifications for different items. Show what you can there, ask for help, and everyone is sharing what they can. How neat is that?

So, when you get a chance, stop by to visit here, and check out what is being discussed. There is some helpful things there for everyone, and so much more than I have listed here too:) IF I told all of it here, I would have to write a book!:)

Hope to see you there, and thanks so much for stopping by here too:) It's been great & hope to see ya'll again:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

NEW Payment Venue! Check it Out!

Hello again everyone, and hope ya'll are having a great evening!:) I am stopping by again to show you something I seen a couple of days ago, but have been reminded again about it. 

Don't you wish you had more options for payments than just paypal? I do! The more options, the better for my customers too. I do have Revolutionary Money Exchange I am signed with, and I also offer Google Checkout. But, here is yet another great place to add to the list too. Still new, but is growing fast too. When you can, stop by to check them out, and get signed up. See Good Luck to all of you that stop there, and get signed up. The more choices we have for ourselves, and our customers the better it is, don't you think?

Don't forget about artfire, and stop by to see my store there. I have started listing some things, and will keep adding to it. I will soon let you know about my other store that I have signed up there, and just got the pro membership for that tonight too. Wish me luck! Ya'll have a safe & fabulous weekend!:) Till the next time my friends:)

GREAT Group Deal with ArtFire....Check it Out!


Hello everyone, and this is gonna be a quick one...I am trying to research a little, revise pictures, work on listings, work on things with TSU Sellers Network, and etc. But....I have had a shop here for a while with ArtFire, and because of this special I went to look closer at them. I have listed a few things there, and LOVE it! When I completed my listing, it came back to me asking me to fix some things....found some google words not approved, made me aware of it so I could change it, and how great is that? Excellent! So, this is another store I have added to my list for the holidays. Also, because I have some future plans...this store & another one there I am working on will be very handy....can't tell you quite yet:)

Anyway, stop by there and check it out. You get A LOT for that pro membership listing fees, no final value fees, and it is for life too! Some great features to have with the pro account, and for that price....much cheaper than paying a final value fee, paying a listing fee, relisting fee, and etc. Stop by to have a look if you are not already there....great great group of people, and excellent service from support too!:) See me at LilacsNDreams @ ArtFire Well, it is late, very late, and I need to close this. Wishing everyone a great evening, early morning, and best of luck to you. Have a super weekend, and chat with ya'll later!:)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bonanzle Has Changed Their Name!!

Hello again everyone...late night here, and things keep happening!:) BONANZLE  will be announcing their name change today....they are changing their name to BONANZA! Along with the changes will be a new look to the sight, and everything. Hopefully by the time some of you read this, the changes will have taken effect, and you are able to get to the site then. BonanzaThis is the new site name now, and some changes will have to be made also....changing links on everything, and everywhere that I have put them...ugh! Oh, well, gotta be done at some point. Right now things will be directed to the new domain for bonanza, but it still all has to be done at some point. I will probably start it right away myself when I wake up. Gonna feel like monday again here:) 

Anyway, just wanted to give ya'll the breaking news soon to be out...if you didn't already know:) Oh, and there is the 1000marketplace that is gonna be added to the site as well too. Ought to be interesting, don't you think? Stop by to see the changes...pretty nice actually. Enjoy, and hope ya'll had a great evening!:)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Friends, Bloggers, Visitors, And Welcome to All!:)

Hello Everyone, and thanks for stopping by!:) Thanks so all new visitors, and followers too!:) 

Not sure what blogger, google, or whatever was doing, and good thing I came by here...but my coloring I had picked & set for my date headers were all black...Hmm...that is scary knowing you worked hard on something, and just like that it can be gone OR changed...Ugh!:)

I am trying to wene myself from socializing just a little bit. Some in morning, some during afternoon, and of course the check in at night:) I need to work on getting other things done, and being more productive. I have been having fun with TSU...Angie has added the chat box there for everyone to say Hi, and talk to each other...which has been good & useful helping people too:) Last week gained about 50 new members, new groups are is for identifying glassware..what fun that has been. Also, seeing pictures for that too:) Stop by to visit there when you can @ Treasure Seekers Unite Just what it is too...everyone uniting to show their things, share their links, share information, helping each other....very nice group who has united doing all of this:)

Now...Lora with Vintage Village is out on it has been party time around there with that group!:) Fun group to also be a part of with all they share about vintage, antiques, collectibles, etc. Check them out too @ Vintage Village had their Bonanza Block Party this weekend, and it looks like some of the sellers did very good there, and of course it brought by new shoppers too. That is always good to have. when you can, stop by to visit, and maybe work on some of the holiday shopping...Christmas is only like 3 mths & about 5 days away now! I know, where does the time go! I started for my grand daughter...she is sooo much easier:) 

Hope ya'll had a great weekend, and stop by to visit the sights mentioned when in roam on the internet. Also, check out the other pages I have at the top under my banner that is clickable...see what is offered at Bonanzle, and at eCrater too:) Well my friends...I am off, and running again...gotta run while I can..HeHe! Ya'll take care till the next time....ToodleOoohhhh......

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Come See What's Happening With TSU Treasure Seekers Unite . . . . . . . . .

Hello everyone, and so sorry for being absent again! Time got away from me this week. I have been spending a lot of my time with TSU Treasure Seekers Unite, and that can be found at Treasure Seekers Unite Things have really been getting exciting around there this past week. Angie has gained like 50 new members this week, she has added a new window for chatting with other members, more groups are being started to participate with, she has changed the banner & appearance of the sight, goal had been met for money being raised for the new platform. OH, there is just sooo much going on, and so very exciting too. Become a member, and you have till Sept 30th to pre-register for the new site platform. If not pre-registered you will wait till Nov 1st when it is open to the public. There are sellers there from all different marketplaces, and pictures being seen for all the treasures offered....very very nice. There are some wonderful things being offered by many sellers there. The new site will also have a place for shoppers to come by, and see what the sellers are offering too. How nice is that? Just too many things to list for everyone.

When you have a chance, stop by to visit there, and see what all the excitement is about. Also, don't forget this weekend is the Bonanzle Bonanza Block Party. Starts in the morning Sat, and continues till Sun. Stop by, and see what all the booths are offering for this special event at Bonanzle Hope to see you there!:)

Hope this posting finds everyone doing well, and enjoying your weekend thus far. Thanks so much for stopping, and seeing me:) Don't forget to visit my 2 pages above for Bonanzle & eCrater too. See what is listed in the stores so far with my RSS Feed at those places. Drop my a line sometime. Love to hear from everyone!:) 

Take care everyone, and best of luck to you! Till the next time....ToodleOooh!:)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering 911. . . . .

Remembering those today who have been lost, and remembering those they have also left behind. Today I hope we can come together, and remember when..........

Hope ya'll are able to share the day with someone, and are able to have a moment to remember to. Take care everyone:)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Visit Great Place to Be! !

Welcome to LilacsNDreams Everyone, and glad to see you here! Amazing! I could have sworn I had left a note for ya'll sooner than this, but I guess I was just stopping by to look myself:) Sorry about that. 

The new platform for TSU Sellers Network is coming along great! Things are moving right along. Angie hits a few bumps now & then, but has been coming out of it, and finding more things she is liking too:) Excited to see the new sight, and when open to the public hope ya'll will come visit with us there. Gaining members everyday, and even some have tried to sign up with the new sight already too! Great, isn't it? Right now it is scheduled to be open to the public with the Grand Opening on November 1st. Hope to see ya'll there. Remember, you are more than welcome to stop by there anytime. Gonna be great having a place for the sellers, and a separate place for the shoppers all in one!:) Also, Angie is working to combine all of her sights to one place. Neat, huh? 1 place to visit, 1 place to shop, 1 place to roam, and how neat is that?

Ok, here is the address to come visit, and see all of us there. Treasure Seekers Unite

By the way, how did the holiday weekend go for everyone? Hope all was well, and you enjoyed it too. Usually after this holiday is the final of summer being over, and we are into fall. Didn't take it long to cool off here at night...UGH! Wish it would work it's way in a little bit instead of all at once like that:( Weather!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and hope ya'll are doing well. Stop by anytime to visit with me here, my website, bonanzle, or ecrater. Oh, a reminder that at the top of the page you will see 2 new pages added....One is for Bonanzle & One is for eCrater. Will try to keep everything I am selling among those pages:) Till the next time, take care!:)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bonanzle Bonanza Virtual Block Party Coming Soon!

Hello again everyone! Here is a big event happening at Bonanzle that you need to mark your calenders for. 

**Bonanza Block Party where dozens of on line storefronts all have their sales within the same weekend of September 18th Fantastic sales from so many on line sellers Don't miss this amazing event!

Bonazle's annual Block Party Kicks off the weekend of September 18th. If you have been putting off coming to our Bonanzle town, well now is the time to get moving. This is one of those events that has it all.

There are so many Bonanzlers that are joining this Fall Block Party Virtual Street Fair
You do not have to be registered to shop the great deals, so please take your time and take advantage of this great big online sale!
Plus, get an entry for the prizes for every item you buy! Check back often for updates

This great even is being held at Check it out, and remember...the holidays are coming upon us. What better time than now to start some Christmas Shopping too:)

Thanks for stopping today everyone, and hope ya'll are having a great day! Take care till the next time...ToodleOoo....

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