Thursday, September 9, 2010

Visit Great Place to Be! !

Welcome to LilacsNDreams Everyone, and glad to see you here! Amazing! I could have sworn I had left a note for ya'll sooner than this, but I guess I was just stopping by to look myself:) Sorry about that. 

The new platform for TSU Sellers Network is coming along great! Things are moving right along. Angie hits a few bumps now & then, but has been coming out of it, and finding more things she is liking too:) Excited to see the new sight, and when open to the public hope ya'll will come visit with us there. Gaining members everyday, and even some have tried to sign up with the new sight already too! Great, isn't it? Right now it is scheduled to be open to the public with the Grand Opening on November 1st. Hope to see ya'll there. Remember, you are more than welcome to stop by there anytime. Gonna be great having a place for the sellers, and a separate place for the shoppers all in one!:) Also, Angie is working to combine all of her sights to one place. Neat, huh? 1 place to visit, 1 place to shop, 1 place to roam, and how neat is that?

Ok, here is the address to come visit, and see all of us there. Treasure Seekers Unite

By the way, how did the holiday weekend go for everyone? Hope all was well, and you enjoyed it too. Usually after this holiday is the final of summer being over, and we are into fall. Didn't take it long to cool off here at night...UGH! Wish it would work it's way in a little bit instead of all at once like that:( Weather!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and hope ya'll are doing well. Stop by anytime to visit with me here, my website, bonanzle, or ecrater. Oh, a reminder that at the top of the page you will see 2 new pages added....One is for Bonanzle & One is for eCrater. Will try to keep everything I am selling among those pages:) Till the next time, take care!:)

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