Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Friends, Bloggers, Visitors, And Welcome to All!:)

Hello Everyone, and thanks for stopping by!:) Thanks so all new visitors, and followers too!:) 

Not sure what blogger, google, or whatever was doing, and good thing I came by here...but my coloring I had picked & set for my date headers were all black...Hmm...that is scary knowing you worked hard on something, and just like that it can be gone OR changed...Ugh!:)

I am trying to wene myself from socializing just a little bit. Some in morning, some during afternoon, and of course the check in at night:) I need to work on getting other things done, and being more productive. I have been having fun with TSU...Angie has added the chat box there for everyone to say Hi, and talk to each other...which has been good & useful helping people too:) Last week gained about 50 new members, new groups are is for identifying glassware..what fun that has been. Also, seeing pictures for that too:) Stop by to visit there when you can @ Treasure Seekers Unite Just what it is too...everyone uniting to show their things, share their links, share information, helping each other....very nice group who has united doing all of this:)

Now...Lora with Vintage Village is out on it has been party time around there with that group!:) Fun group to also be a part of with all they share about vintage, antiques, collectibles, etc. Check them out too @ Vintage Village had their Bonanza Block Party this weekend, and it looks like some of the sellers did very good there, and of course it brought by new shoppers too. That is always good to have. when you can, stop by to visit, and maybe work on some of the holiday shopping...Christmas is only like 3 mths & about 5 days away now! I know, where does the time go! I started for my grand daughter...she is sooo much easier:) 

Hope ya'll had a great weekend, and stop by to visit the sights mentioned when in roam on the internet. Also, check out the other pages I have at the top under my banner that is clickable...see what is offered at Bonanzle, and at eCrater too:) Well my friends...I am off, and running again...gotta run while I can..HeHe! Ya'll take care till the next time....ToodleOoohhhh......

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