Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bonanzle Has Changed Their Name!!

Hello again everyone...late night here, and things keep happening!:) BONANZLE  will be announcing their name change today....they are changing their name to BONANZA! Along with the changes will be a new look to the sight, and everything. Hopefully by the time some of you read this, the changes will have taken effect, and you are able to get to the site then. BonanzaThis is the new site name now, and some changes will have to be made also....changing links on everything, and everywhere that I have put them...ugh! Oh, well, gotta be done at some point. Right now things will be directed to the new domain for bonanza, but it still all has to be done at some point. I will probably start it right away myself when I wake up. Gonna feel like monday again here:) 

Anyway, just wanted to give ya'll the breaking news soon to be out...if you didn't already know:) Oh, and there is the 1000marketplace that is gonna be added to the site as well too. Ought to be interesting, don't you think? Stop by to see the changes...pretty nice actually. Enjoy, and hope ya'll had a great evening!:)

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