Friday, September 24, 2010

NEW Payment Venue! Check it Out!

Hello again everyone, and hope ya'll are having a great evening!:) I am stopping by again to show you something I seen a couple of days ago, but have been reminded again about it. 

Don't you wish you had more options for payments than just paypal? I do! The more options, the better for my customers too. I do have Revolutionary Money Exchange I am signed with, and I also offer Google Checkout. But, here is yet another great place to add to the list too. Still new, but is growing fast too. When you can, stop by to check them out, and get signed up. See Good Luck to all of you that stop there, and get signed up. The more choices we have for ourselves, and our customers the better it is, don't you think?

Don't forget about artfire, and stop by to see my store there. I have started listing some things, and will keep adding to it. I will soon let you know about my other store that I have signed up there, and just got the pro membership for that tonight too. Wish me luck! Ya'll have a safe & fabulous weekend!:) Till the next time my friends:)

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