Friday, September 24, 2010

GREAT Group Deal with ArtFire....Check it Out!


Hello everyone, and this is gonna be a quick one...I am trying to research a little, revise pictures, work on listings, work on things with TSU Sellers Network, and etc. But....I have had a shop here for a while with ArtFire, and because of this special I went to look closer at them. I have listed a few things there, and LOVE it! When I completed my listing, it came back to me asking me to fix some things....found some google words not approved, made me aware of it so I could change it, and how great is that? Excellent! So, this is another store I have added to my list for the holidays. Also, because I have some future plans...this store & another one there I am working on will be very handy....can't tell you quite yet:)

Anyway, stop by there and check it out. You get A LOT for that pro membership listing fees, no final value fees, and it is for life too! Some great features to have with the pro account, and for that price....much cheaper than paying a final value fee, paying a listing fee, relisting fee, and etc. Stop by to have a look if you are not already there....great great group of people, and excellent service from support too!:) See me at LilacsNDreams @ ArtFire Well, it is late, very late, and I need to close this. Wishing everyone a great evening, early morning, and best of luck to you. Have a super weekend, and chat with ya'll later!:)

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