Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Christmas In July At Bonanzle.com

Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by! I wanted to come in here, and make a quick announcement for all you shoppers to watch on the calenders. The Big Event is Christmas In July at Bonanzle!  The sellers along with their booths are all being prepared for this event. Some might go for a short time, some might do it all month, and each seller will be doing something that they choose to do for a special, discount, what they are offering, etc. This event is scheduled to start on July 1st. So, mark your calenders, stop on by to visit & see all the specials & things being offered. There are over 200 booths assigned for this special event so far, and more are being added. Visit & enjoy everyone!:) Hope to see you there!:)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Storms, Bonanzle, Ecrater

Hello everyone, and hope this finds ya'll doing well. Hope the weather has been good for all of you. We have had 2 nights of storms now...lightening, hail, winds, and tornadoes too. Some within our area have been effected by this, and prayers are being sent for them during the clean up, restructuring, and rebuilding too. Hope all goes well for them during this time.

The group I started at Facebook for Thrift Store, Yard Sale, Flea Market Junkies has been doing quite well with still members joining, and leaving some very nice comments too. Get a chance, stop by to visit it, and see what is all going on there, and being shared there by others too. 

While out browsing don't forget to visit my booth at Bonanzle which is at http://www.bonanzle.com/LilacsNDreams. Also, visit my store with Ecrater which is at http://www.LilacsNDreams.ecrater.com. 
I have separated things between both places with no duplicates which google does not like anyway, and also to make it fair to any buyers who would buy from one, and then someone wanting it at the same time from another place. I do not feel it good to create any kind of hardships like that so I just don't start with it. 

I love my weekends with my family, but when they are all here home from work it makes it difficult to work on any projects. So, I will have to wait till tomorrow to try and finish a project I finally got started with. I am not sure how I want to finish it, so walked away to clear my mind from it, bought some more fabric paints, and looked at some more lace and materials. Hopefully I will know more of what I want done with it tomorrow. Hard to create when your mind is not there working with you on it, right?

Ok, out of here for now. Wishing ya'll a Happy Sunday! Take care till the next time!:)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Amber Glass Compote Candy Dish

                                 WELCOME EVERYONE!

Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping to visit, and browse. I am thrilled to say that my new group I started on Facebook has been accumulating members, and I have been receiving many good responses to this group too. That makes me feel good, and happy that others liked the idea too. People are sharing some of their blogs there, showing some pictures of their projects, sharing how they have decorated their homes with thrift stores, yard sales, and flea market shopping. Just some gorgeous stuff out there! And, of course everyone commenting on how that is some of their favorite times of shopping is in places like that. It is really fun to share things with people that have some of the same interests, isn't it?

I did get an Amber Glass Compote Candy Dish listed on bonanzle last night. I worked with my listing a little bit, and decided not to use a completed template, but did use some of the pictures of Welcome, Descriptions, Shipping, and etc. Simple, but comfortable to visit. Now, if anyone would like to see that Amber Glass Compote I listed  you can see it at my booth which is at http://www.bonanzle.com/LilacsNDreams   or you can also view it with my "Selling Blog Page" I have noted at the top under my banner which is a clickable button to use. If you go to view, like the item being viewed there, I have set a paypal button under it that it could be bought right away without signing into bonanzle if you like too. Hope this finds all of you bloggers doing well, and that you are having a great day! Take care everyone till the next time. . . .Toodles!:)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nings Vintage Village, Thrifty Vault, Ecrater, TSU Sellers Network, I Antique Online

Hello again everyone! Thanks for stopping by, or coming back:) I have spent part of the morning going through emails, answering to things, and of course visiting some of the social medias I am connected with. I just wanted to drop by here quickly, and mention a few of them, and then I am back to working on listing some lovely treasures I had found..Yippee! 

Here are a few places to visit, sign up with, great to be at, informative, and friendly too!
The Vintage Village http://www.vintagevillage.ning.com 
The Thrifty Vault  http://www.thriftyvaultshoppers.ning.com 
Ecrater   http://www.ecrater.ning.com 
TSU Sellers Network   http://www.tsusellersnetwork.com/
I Antique Online   http://www.iantiqueonline.ning.com/     
      At this place there are a little over 4600 members, and still growing. Very informative place for the vintage, antique lovers to come to and share, get involved with the groups, share, converse, etc. 

Sadly, I am signed up with a few places, and am sure I have forgotten a couple too. Sorry if a group was left out:( When you get a chance, stop by to visit these places, and see what they have to offer. You will not be disappointed. 

Ok, gotta go to get this listing done I am working on. Got it weighed, pictured, now I need to adjust pictures, and I should have it listed shortly as I already researched it. Take care everyone, and enjoy all of your visits today!:)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday Night American Pickers

Hello again everyone! This won't be real long, and I should have done it sooner, but got caught up working on some website things. Anyway, I watched American Pickers tonight, did anyone else watch? WOW! Did they find some really neat, nice, and Great Treasures! I really wished I had been there with them sorting through things, digging through things, and looking like they did. I enjoyed the last place they stopped at, and the older gentlemen they purchased quite a bit from. Now, that gentlemen was a collector, and pretty good at knowing his stuff too. I liked how he negotiated prices with them, he was firm with his prices, and reasons for it too. And, the cars he had were great too! It was just a lot of fun watching it tonight, and I really enjoyed it too.

Hope ya'll had a great evening, and was able to enjoy it too. Take care Everyone!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

* My New Facebook Group, Facebook Page, and Another Blog Too *

Good Evening everyone, and hope ya'll are having a great weekend so far! I have been busy myself, not with all I should be doing, but things on the internet. I did get some pics taken, and downloaded them, researched 1 item, and nothing after that. It's a really neat amber glass lidded compote. Such detail with it, in very good condition, looks almost new, and Wow! What a piece it is too!:)

Ok, I spent the day roaming the internet the other day. Just reading blogs. facebook pages, what was being said with some of the nings I am involved with, and etc. Has anyone ever noticed that a lot of these places usually pertain to just 1 subject? That 1 subject just goes on, and on. Don't take me wrong, there is a lot of good stuff out there I like to read, and learn from. It's great what everyone is sharing too. I think it was a mood thing I hit the other day.

So, what did I do? I started a fan page, and a group on Facebook. Oh, yeah, due to the Group I started I also started a blog for it too. So, I have another blogspot now which is gonna be a little bit different than here...I hope. These things I started because I wanted it to be a place to go to that is fun, informative, everyone shares their views, their knowledge, their stories, places they sell, what the treasures mean to them...if any special meaning or memory, and so on. The Group I started at Facebook is called: "Thrift Store, Yard Sale, Flea Market Junkies" . . . I know, it is long, but I had to make it a little bit different than those that have groups similar to this. The blog also has the same name, and the address for that is at http://www.LilJunkers.blogspot.com. Now, the Facebook Fan Page I started is called Thrift Store Junkies...when I started the page I did not realize it was a page I was working on. Pushed a button some where as I thought I was setting up the group right away, so that is how that evolved for me.

So, when ya'll get a chance, stop by and visit those places. I have left them open to the public, and hope that many different people will get involved with it. Nothing fancy, nothing formal, but an easy going relaxing place to be that you can be yourself at, and share. Hope ya'll enjoy it. 

Well, tomorrow is Father's Day & I want to wish all of you fathers a Happy Father's Day! And, that is for ALL fathers of children, if you've adopted a dog, a cat, and whatever it is . . . Happy Father's Day! Have a Beautiful Weekend Everyone! 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Have a Beautiful Weekend Everyone!:-)

Hello everyone, and hope ya'll are having a great weekend thus far!:) I have soooo been enjoying my days lately with roaming the internet, seeing, reading, and learning many things that are out there for all to see. My feet are feeling it from sitting at the computer for sooo long. I keep wanting to get away from it, but keep finding more great things to see & read! But, reality is coming back to me now, and I am realizing I have REALLY been lazy! I have not done anything with any of my booths/stores lately. I have not added any new items that I have to list yet, and most of all....the weather has been great out, and I should be working on some projects I have lined up for me to do. Been in that crafty/creative mood more due to the great weather, and there that sits too! UGH! I have decided once I get thru this weekend, it is time to get off my bootie, and get back into the swing of things. Won't get done unless I do it, right?

Well, now, I have to go get a few house things done....that I have been doing:) Don't worry, I haven't ignored that part of my daily routines LOL! Anyway, off I go to accomplish something. Hope ya'll have a Beautiful Weekend, and are able to enjoy it. Take care:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Google Algorithm ~ Worry, Not to Worry, What About It?

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Today I have spent time with the ecrater ning sight I am signed up with. Keeping track of things, seeing if there is anything new to learn or know about, and chatting & learning with many others too. An issue that has been discussed with this ning, and also was on a talk show with bonanzle is the Google Algorithm. 

First of all, why use such big words? Why can they not speak a simple english for all to understand, and follow? Yes, time to get out the dictionary to follow their announcement they had made. Ok, the word means an effective method for solving a problem. That was simple for such a big word, right? LOL! 

Anyway, from what I can understand from the talk show I listened to with bonanzle I would like to share with you here, and bear with me. I am going to try to summarize it from notes I made upon listening to the discussion, ok? Here goes..........
Ok, let's see if I can sum this up into simple words without all the big words, etc. This Google Issue is not New, and anything Google does will not really be new. They have been doing changes for about 2 yrs now, and will keep launching changes as we move along.

Things go down for a bit, the reviews, sales, etc. But, as always will come back around again after the adjustments made by Google, and what we do also.

This change is not considered a Bad Thing, and we should see it as not what we can't do, but what we can do. It is not about the quantity of links, but the quality of the links.

What they are doing with this change is working on reducing the garbage...sights that are lazy, not updating, doing any changes, and etc. Sights with irrelevant links, bad quality, will be pushed out.

Key things to do, as it has always been:

Google Keywords will find you
Good Prices
Good Pictures
Rich content
Formatting a great description, and the title lines too
Search queries - keywords

Great places to use for links back to your stores, booths, etc is with your Websites & Blogs & your Me pages. Tell your history, how you take care of things, what you sell, your selling venues, etc. Give the links to your listings through these places.

So, the changes help in cleaning up the search queries, help in finding content compared to no content, and work on keeping our listings clean.

A good example given was this: 
For those who have brick & mortar stores you make them look good, stock the shelves, great appearance, welcoming when customers walk in, etc. Now, for all of us online sellers apply this to ourselves with our stores/booths....We Have to Go Outside that Box to bring the buyers in, make them want to stay, browse, etc. This can be done by our titles, our rich descriptions & content, clarity of things, pictures, and so on.

Hope this wasn't too confusing, or too lengthy either. But, it comes back down to the basics again...clean up what we are doing. Work with our titles, our descriptions, stay active with our stores, update things, etc. The physical stores work on these things, and we have to do the same thing with our online stores to bring the people in.

Hope this helps ya'll out, and clarifies any worries with these changes. As most of us know, it is just another change of Cleaning House, and we do not need to worry. Just go along with it, and it all works out. Learn from it, and progress with it. Have fun everyone, and Good Luck to All of you!!:)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello to All Blogging Friends & Visitors!:-)

Good Evening everyone, and welcome to my blog!:) Sorry, been kind of absent from here for a couple of weeks. Graduation of our last child, family, friends, celebrations, and stayed very busy. Well, the fun is over, has been over for about a week now with families all gone home, and back to the different states that visited with us. Just finishing up with the Thank You cards. I have been on & off the computer, checking on venues I sell with, moving things around ever so slowly, and trying really hard to get back into the swing of things. I know summer time sales slow down a little bit, but this is also my time to stock the inventory for winter, and most of all....to work on some of the refurbished, repurposed, and crafty things I would like to do. I have been taking notes, reading, slowly stocking for this time, taking more notes, and trying to learn things before I get started. Also, I have some scrapbooking that I would like to do too. If I don't get some pages of that done, that will really load me down:) 

Rain, Rain, and more rain for us here. Been off & on, but think we will see more of it this week too. I have watched a few different sales, but nothing intriguing really. I have been trying to frequent some of the stores that get things donated to them as sometimes people do not know fully what they are giving away, or they do so as it is going for a good cause. Great places to find some lil treasures that can be refurbished, or repurposed, painted, decorated, and etc. Sometimes going by myself I can find more things as I can spend more time looking, and imaging things. Then again, it is nice to have a friend along who does share some of the same interests as I, or just anything we can share together.

Well, I better get busy with doing dishes, supper, reading emails, and trying to work on my venues a little bit more. Also, finishing thank you cards for graduation. Then, tonight I think I want to start a list of things to do, get done, accomplish for me, and that way I have something to follow as I go along. It's Monday, and wishing ya'll a great week!! Stay busy, enjoy, and good luck with all your projects...till the next time....:)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

* * Hello to All!! * *

Hello everyone, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams!! I am sooo sorry I have been missing in action here. Been really busy with our son...our last graduating child....for celebrations at home, and a week later with hubby's side of the family too. Great Weekend, things went well, and was sooo great seeing everyone!! We need to do this again next year, and make it a yearly thing of getting together. 

Well, during this time I did sell a few items either from Bonanzle, or my gorgeous ring I sold on auction with Ebay. By the way, the customer is VERY pleased with the ring, and agreed it was much better in person, and as I had described too. I love to hear things like that, and know that the customer receiving their items is as pleased as this one was. Makes me feel great, and ready to go onto another sale. 

Today faced some weather issues of rain, hail, lightening, dark skies, winds, and so I backed off of computer a little bit. Did work on catching things up with all emails, with my venues, etc. Hopefully tomorrow I made enough room to go ahead and take some pictures, and get some things listed. And, move a few things around too. 

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. and don't forget to visit my venues where I sell, or even the other blog page I have set up for selling items too. Ya'll take care, and have a beautiful evening! See you the next time:)

Remember Our Heros

Sorry everyone, I intended to put this here last night. Got late, fighting to stay away, and anyway....Hope ya'll had a safe & enjoyable Memorial Day weekend! We need to remember our heros who do so much for us all the time. God Bless them!
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