Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello to All Blogging Friends & Visitors!:-)

Good Evening everyone, and welcome to my blog!:) Sorry, been kind of absent from here for a couple of weeks. Graduation of our last child, family, friends, celebrations, and stayed very busy. Well, the fun is over, has been over for about a week now with families all gone home, and back to the different states that visited with us. Just finishing up with the Thank You cards. I have been on & off the computer, checking on venues I sell with, moving things around ever so slowly, and trying really hard to get back into the swing of things. I know summer time sales slow down a little bit, but this is also my time to stock the inventory for winter, and most of work on some of the refurbished, repurposed, and crafty things I would like to do. I have been taking notes, reading, slowly stocking for this time, taking more notes, and trying to learn things before I get started. Also, I have some scrapbooking that I would like to do too. If I don't get some pages of that done, that will really load me down:) 

Rain, Rain, and more rain for us here. Been off & on, but think we will see more of it this week too. I have watched a few different sales, but nothing intriguing really. I have been trying to frequent some of the stores that get things donated to them as sometimes people do not know fully what they are giving away, or they do so as it is going for a good cause. Great places to find some lil treasures that can be refurbished, or repurposed, painted, decorated, and etc. Sometimes going by myself I can find more things as I can spend more time looking, and imaging things. Then again, it is nice to have a friend along who does share some of the same interests as I, or just anything we can share together.

Well, I better get busy with doing dishes, supper, reading emails, and trying to work on my venues a little bit more. Also, finishing thank you cards for graduation. Then, tonight I think I want to start a list of things to do, get done, accomplish for me, and that way I have something to follow as I go along. It's Monday, and wishing ya'll a great week!! Stay busy, enjoy, and good luck with all your projects...till the next time....:)

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