Tuesday, June 1, 2010

* * Hello to All!! * *

Hello everyone, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams!! I am sooo sorry I have been missing in action here. Been really busy with our son...our last graduating child....for celebrations at home, and a week later with hubby's side of the family too. Great Weekend, things went well, and was sooo great seeing everyone!! We need to do this again next year, and make it a yearly thing of getting together. 

Well, during this time I did sell a few items either from Bonanzle, or my gorgeous ring I sold on auction with Ebay. By the way, the customer is VERY pleased with the ring, and agreed it was much better in person, and as I had described too. I love to hear things like that, and know that the customer receiving their items is as pleased as this one was. Makes me feel great, and ready to go onto another sale. 

Today faced some weather issues of rain, hail, lightening, dark skies, winds, and so I backed off of computer a little bit. Did work on catching things up with all emails, with my venues, etc. Hopefully tomorrow I made enough room to go ahead and take some pictures, and get some things listed. And, move a few things around too. 

Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. and don't forget to visit my venues where I sell, or even the other blog page I have set up for selling items too. Ya'll take care, and have a beautiful evening! See you the next time:)


  1. Hi Lilacs my daughter graduates June 3rd tomorrow actually it is a busy time congrats to your son, oh I love your blog nice work :)

  2. Deb, Thanks sooo much for the compliment! Congratulations to your daughter, and I hope all went well for you too!:)


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