Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Google Algorithm ~ Worry, Not to Worry, What About It?

Hello, and Welcome to LilacsNDreams! Today I have spent time with the ecrater ning sight I am signed up with. Keeping track of things, seeing if there is anything new to learn or know about, and chatting & learning with many others too. An issue that has been discussed with this ning, and also was on a talk show with bonanzle is the Google Algorithm. 

First of all, why use such big words? Why can they not speak a simple english for all to understand, and follow? Yes, time to get out the dictionary to follow their announcement they had made. Ok, the word means an effective method for solving a problem. That was simple for such a big word, right? LOL! 

Anyway, from what I can understand from the talk show I listened to with bonanzle I would like to share with you here, and bear with me. I am going to try to summarize it from notes I made upon listening to the discussion, ok? Here goes..........
Ok, let's see if I can sum this up into simple words without all the big words, etc. This Google Issue is not New, and anything Google does will not really be new. They have been doing changes for about 2 yrs now, and will keep launching changes as we move along.

Things go down for a bit, the reviews, sales, etc. But, as always will come back around again after the adjustments made by Google, and what we do also.

This change is not considered a Bad Thing, and we should see it as not what we can't do, but what we can do. It is not about the quantity of links, but the quality of the links.

What they are doing with this change is working on reducing the garbage...sights that are lazy, not updating, doing any changes, and etc. Sights with irrelevant links, bad quality, will be pushed out.

Key things to do, as it has always been:

Google Keywords will find you
Good Prices
Good Pictures
Rich content
Formatting a great description, and the title lines too
Search queries - keywords

Great places to use for links back to your stores, booths, etc is with your Websites & Blogs & your Me pages. Tell your history, how you take care of things, what you sell, your selling venues, etc. Give the links to your listings through these places.

So, the changes help in cleaning up the search queries, help in finding content compared to no content, and work on keeping our listings clean.

A good example given was this: 
For those who have brick & mortar stores you make them look good, stock the shelves, great appearance, welcoming when customers walk in, etc. Now, for all of us online sellers apply this to ourselves with our stores/booths....We Have to Go Outside that Box to bring the buyers in, make them want to stay, browse, etc. This can be done by our titles, our rich descriptions & content, clarity of things, pictures, and so on.

Hope this wasn't too confusing, or too lengthy either. But, it comes back down to the basics again...clean up what we are doing. Work with our titles, our descriptions, stay active with our stores, update things, etc. The physical stores work on these things, and we have to do the same thing with our online stores to bring the people in.

Hope this helps ya'll out, and clarifies any worries with these changes. As most of us know, it is just another change of Cleaning House, and we do not need to worry. Just go along with it, and it all works out. Learn from it, and progress with it. Have fun everyone, and Good Luck to All of you!!:)


  1. Thanks for doing a little homework and sharing with us!

  2. Glad I could help, and share with others. Hope this confusing issue will help others with what it is, and to understand it a bit more. Have a Great Day everyone!:)


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