Sunday, June 27, 2010

Storms, Bonanzle, Ecrater

Hello everyone, and hope this finds ya'll doing well. Hope the weather has been good for all of you. We have had 2 nights of storms now...lightening, hail, winds, and tornadoes too. Some within our area have been effected by this, and prayers are being sent for them during the clean up, restructuring, and rebuilding too. Hope all goes well for them during this time.

The group I started at Facebook for Thrift Store, Yard Sale, Flea Market Junkies has been doing quite well with still members joining, and leaving some very nice comments too. Get a chance, stop by to visit it, and see what is all going on there, and being shared there by others too. 

While out browsing don't forget to visit my booth at Bonanzle which is at Also, visit my store with Ecrater which is at 
I have separated things between both places with no duplicates which google does not like anyway, and also to make it fair to any buyers who would buy from one, and then someone wanting it at the same time from another place. I do not feel it good to create any kind of hardships like that so I just don't start with it. 

I love my weekends with my family, but when they are all here home from work it makes it difficult to work on any projects. So, I will have to wait till tomorrow to try and finish a project I finally got started with. I am not sure how I want to finish it, so walked away to clear my mind from it, bought some more fabric paints, and looked at some more lace and materials. Hopefully I will know more of what I want done with it tomorrow. Hard to create when your mind is not there working with you on it, right?

Ok, out of here for now. Wishing ya'll a Happy Sunday! Take care till the next time!:)

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