Saturday, June 19, 2010

* My New Facebook Group, Facebook Page, and Another Blog Too *

Good Evening everyone, and hope ya'll are having a great weekend so far! I have been busy myself, not with all I should be doing, but things on the internet. I did get some pics taken, and downloaded them, researched 1 item, and nothing after that. It's a really neat amber glass lidded compote. Such detail with it, in very good condition, looks almost new, and Wow! What a piece it is too!:)

Ok, I spent the day roaming the internet the other day. Just reading blogs. facebook pages, what was being said with some of the nings I am involved with, and etc. Has anyone ever noticed that a lot of these places usually pertain to just 1 subject? That 1 subject just goes on, and on. Don't take me wrong, there is a lot of good stuff out there I like to read, and learn from. It's great what everyone is sharing too. I think it was a mood thing I hit the other day.

So, what did I do? I started a fan page, and a group on Facebook. Oh, yeah, due to the Group I started I also started a blog for it too. So, I have another blogspot now which is gonna be a little bit different than here...I hope. These things I started because I wanted it to be a place to go to that is fun, informative, everyone shares their views, their knowledge, their stories, places they sell, what the treasures mean to them...if any special meaning or memory, and so on. The Group I started at Facebook is called: "Thrift Store, Yard Sale, Flea Market Junkies" . . . I know, it is long, but I had to make it a little bit different than those that have groups similar to this. The blog also has the same name, and the address for that is at Now, the Facebook Fan Page I started is called Thrift Store Junkies...when I started the page I did not realize it was a page I was working on. Pushed a button some where as I thought I was setting up the group right away, so that is how that evolved for me.

So, when ya'll get a chance, stop by and visit those places. I have left them open to the public, and hope that many different people will get involved with it. Nothing fancy, nothing formal, but an easy going relaxing place to be that you can be yourself at, and share. Hope ya'll enjoy it. 

Well, tomorrow is Father's Day & I want to wish all of you fathers a Happy Father's Day! And, that is for ALL fathers of children, if you've adopted a dog, a cat, and whatever it is . . . Happy Father's Day! Have a Beautiful Weekend Everyone! 

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