Saturday, June 12, 2010

Have a Beautiful Weekend Everyone!:-)

Hello everyone, and hope ya'll are having a great weekend thus far!:) I have soooo been enjoying my days lately with roaming the internet, seeing, reading, and learning many things that are out there for all to see. My feet are feeling it from sitting at the computer for sooo long. I keep wanting to get away from it, but keep finding more great things to see & read! But, reality is coming back to me now, and I am realizing I have REALLY been lazy! I have not done anything with any of my booths/stores lately. I have not added any new items that I have to list yet, and most of all....the weather has been great out, and I should be working on some projects I have lined up for me to do. Been in that crafty/creative mood more due to the great weather, and there that sits too! UGH! I have decided once I get thru this weekend, it is time to get off my bootie, and get back into the swing of things. Won't get done unless I do it, right?

Well, now, I have to go get a few house things done....that I have been doing:) Don't worry, I haven't ignored that part of my daily routines LOL! Anyway, off I go to accomplish something. Hope ya'll have a Beautiful Weekend, and are able to enjoy it. Take care:)

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