Thursday, June 24, 2010

Amber Glass Compote Candy Dish

                                 WELCOME EVERYONE!

Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping to visit, and browse. I am thrilled to say that my new group I started on Facebook has been accumulating members, and I have been receiving many good responses to this group too. That makes me feel good, and happy that others liked the idea too. People are sharing some of their blogs there, showing some pictures of their projects, sharing how they have decorated their homes with thrift stores, yard sales, and flea market shopping. Just some gorgeous stuff out there! And, of course everyone commenting on how that is some of their favorite times of shopping is in places like that. It is really fun to share things with people that have some of the same interests, isn't it?

I did get an Amber Glass Compote Candy Dish listed on bonanzle last night. I worked with my listing a little bit, and decided not to use a completed template, but did use some of the pictures of Welcome, Descriptions, Shipping, and etc. Simple, but comfortable to visit. Now, if anyone would like to see that Amber Glass Compote I listed  you can see it at my booth which is at   or you can also view it with my "Selling Blog Page" I have noted at the top under my banner which is a clickable button to use. If you go to view, like the item being viewed there, I have set a paypal button under it that it could be bought right away without signing into bonanzle if you like too. Hope this finds all of you bloggers doing well, and that you are having a great day! Take care everyone till the next time. . . .Toodles!:)

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