Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nings Vintage Village, Thrifty Vault, Ecrater, TSU Sellers Network, I Antique Online

Hello again everyone! Thanks for stopping by, or coming back:) I have spent part of the morning going through emails, answering to things, and of course visiting some of the social medias I am connected with. I just wanted to drop by here quickly, and mention a few of them, and then I am back to working on listing some lovely treasures I had found..Yippee! 

Here are a few places to visit, sign up with, great to be at, informative, and friendly too!
The Vintage Village 
The Thrifty Vault 
TSU Sellers Network
I Antique Online     
      At this place there are a little over 4600 members, and still growing. Very informative place for the vintage, antique lovers to come to and share, get involved with the groups, share, converse, etc. 

Sadly, I am signed up with a few places, and am sure I have forgotten a couple too. Sorry if a group was left out:( When you get a chance, stop by to visit these places, and see what they have to offer. You will not be disappointed. 

Ok, gotta go to get this listing done I am working on. Got it weighed, pictured, now I need to adjust pictures, and I should have it listed shortly as I already researched it. Take care everyone, and enjoy all of your visits today!:)

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