Wednesday, September 30, 2009


wow! Last day of the month! Where did the time go, right? Well, I was not as productive as I had intended to be today..I only got 1 thing listed to bonanzle. But, tomorrow is another day & tonight I will spend time researching different items I have pictured so that I do not have to spend time with that tomorrow & can just post them. WHEW! There is really a lot of work that goes into selling on the internet which I don't think some realize. Or, it is more extensive then what one would think. As long as I can make a sale, clean house a lil more, make hubby happy with cleaning house, then I can make more room to go get more things to sell again. I Luv hunting for treasures! Gives me a chance to travel around a bit & meet new & interesting people too:)

Ok, we are going into the month of pumpkins, ghosts, goblins, and all kinds of scarey things!:) Gotta luv it & let's have fun with it too. I luv decorating starting this time of year & into Christmas!! I can do without the snow, but really do love all these holidays:) Well, I better get back to doing my research. Had to drop by here quickly & say Hi to ya'll. Have a great evening everyone! You get a chance, stop on by to see me at my booth LilacsNDreams OR visit some other wonderful people there too. There is a LOT of nice things there to look at, and shop too if you want!:) Good Evening everyone in BlogLand. Catch ya later.....Kim:)

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