Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello and Etsy

Hello again everyone, and here it is Thursday. The week is almost gone already! I got my first question on an item I listed at Etsy, and I cannot believe people! I am not trying to be mean, but I do not deal with international shipping. The only one I will deal with is Canada. Too much paper work, cannot verify things, easy for the customer accuse of not receiving item when you cannot put a tracking number with the item, etc. Canada has always been easier to deal with, and usually no hassles. 

Well, I do have it in my policies that I have chose to NOT ship internationally at this time, but someone from France still had to ask the question. I try to keep my listings short, and not so boring, but I try to also note everything so the buyer does not have to take the time to keep emailing, and ask questions, and waiting for a response. Oh, well, not sure if I will hear from them again, but I did respond, gave them a quote, and told them 'IF' I were to ship etc etc. 

I am soooo ready for spring!! Hubby in California, and commenting how he is sitting with 68 degree weather this morning...HaHa! Well, everyone, trying to catch up a lil bit here. Power off for a while today to fix a line that needed repairs. So, computer was off, and it was boring, but I got to sort through a couple of more boxes. Have a Great Day Everyone!

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