Monday, February 22, 2010

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Hello again everyone, and hope ya'll have had a great Monday! Still got snow on the ground here, little bit more predicted, but is it ccooolllddd! Hope ya'll are staying warm where you are at. 

Didn't do much today except go through different nings, social medias, signing up here & there & etc. I am happy to say I did get my paypal button off to the side on my blog. I am going to set my blog up that when I show items, and if you are interested in buying them without visiting any of the venues, you will be able to do so with the paypal button. Will save a step for some of you, and hopefully be a quick and simple process too. Bear with me as it is new to me also, and hopefully get worked through it ok together. 

The last I checked Bonanzle was very close to the 200,000 member mark. The membership there has really climbed fast, and there has been many items added for sale there too. With all the new members came many more products being offered along with more products offered by the already bonanzle members too. You get a chance, stop by some time to lounge, and have a look. There is really some neat stuff there!:)

Hmm...don't forget etsy too:) They do not just do handmade items there, but they also sell vintage, and some supplies there too. Their memberships keep growing also, and more items are listed there too. I do have some of my items listed there, and am hopeful to have other items listed by the spring into summer time. The other items will consist of items I want to make, create, refurbish, repurpose, crafty, paint, etc. Waiting for some good weather to go supply shopping, and open some windows to paint some things too. 

Ok, time to leave here for a bit. Hope ya'll have had a great Monday, and wishing everyone a great week! Take care...

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