Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

First of all...Thank You Joylene Nowell at for giving me this award! I am very pleased, and very honored to have received it. Thank You sooo much! I have the duty of also choosing other blogs, and giving this award to them. It is very late here...2:21 a.m. and I am getting very tired. While the steaks are grilling later today, I will come back on here to work on this. WHEW! I keep retyping as I cannot seem to spell right, and my fingers & the keyboard are not working together very well right now. Again, thank you sooo much Joylene & what an honor to have received this. Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!

There are just sooo many beautiful blogs out there it is hard to just choose 10 for this award. So, no one please be upset with me as I wish I could list ALL of you, but you are so good that I just know that someone will come along, and choose you.

Here are the rules for this award:

The rules are simple, copy the logo, choose those blogs that you find most beautiful (sometimes that means words alone) and link back to the one who chose you. Here's my list. Please stop by when you can. I struggled to keep it under 10. Those of you who aren't mentioned, I knew you would be chosen by someone else, if not already.

These blogs along with many many others that I could not list here do such a good job whether it is the pictures they show, their blogs are so organized, they are informative, and they all share something of what they like & desire too. When you can, please stop by to visit them:)

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! Have a Beautiful, and most enjoyable day!! Take care all:-)

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