Friday, March 26, 2010

THANK YOU!! Facebook Fan Page 100 & Growing!!

            THANK YOU!!!
Wanted to stop by real quick as I was working on my facebook fan page...finally got a cute background to use there so it is not sooo boring to visit:) Anyway...I now have 100 fans there on my fan page, and wanted to thank everyone who has signed up to my fan page, added me, and etc. It is sooo hard to keep up with everyone personally, and I try to do it by addressing everyone at once through my blog, anything I might comment about on my fan page, and etc. If I can keep it growing I just might have to consider some kind of a Thank You by having a Special drawing, or something when it gets to a certain mark. Hmmm....this is a working progress for me to think about. Please, everyone bear with me as I am getting ready for graduation in May, food, invitations, and etc. I am doing this myself...don't mind it, but it is a little bit time consuming. So, again, I apologize for any delays in responses, and ask you all to bear with me during this time. THANKS!! again to all, have a beautiful weekend! Thank You for making mine pleasurable with all the followers on my fan page, and here on my blogspot too!!:-) You all are beautiful people!:-)

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