Friday, March 12, 2010

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Hello again everyone!:) Darn! I was starting to have a little bit of hope...the sun came through for a short time. Oh well, nice to see it while we could:) I am a little bit behind with my goals I have set for the day. I downloaded pictures I took yesterday so that I could do some listings today with bonanzle. But, have spent most of the morning reading through facebook, seeing all the beautiful pictures there, and things being shared. Also, spending time looking at many different beautiful blogs that too show gorgeous pictures of things, people sharing their treasures, sharing their hand made treasures, their refurbished treasures, and etc. I just the love the internet for this that we can all in one way, or another share what we love the most, and what is meaningful to us. Whether it is personal, or for business purposes I enjoy it all, and thank all of you for sharing too!:)

A small note here, I would like to thank all those that visit me here with my blog, my selling venues at bonanzle, and with etsy. Also, for those that decide to follow me, I thank you also. Without all of you many of us would not do what we do today, or have the opportunities of doing so also. Again, Thank You!!

Well, so that I may be more productive, I better get with it and get some listings done. Would be nice to make a little money this weekend till uncle sam pays us. So, gotta do what I gotta do. Most of all...I love doing what I do, and that there makes the difference with my selling. You get a chance, stop by bonanzle to visit me, or even at etsy too. Browse my shops, and remember there are plenty other shops to also be visiting. To make it easier I have the buttons on the top right column that you can just click, and to my shops you will go:) Ya'll have a great weekend, enjoy, be productive, and may you have all that you want from it. Take Care:)


  1. What a gorgeous blog you have! Honest to goodness, I don't even want to leave, it's so beautiful to look at. Wow. Hooked the very first time I visit!

  2. I agree , your blog is so beautiful and purple is my favorite color! I also get lost in blog land seeing others' beautiful and inspiring blogs, facebook pages, etsy and flicker photos.

    I have three Bonanzle booths which are all listed on my profile page there. I saw your blog listed in the Bonanzle Google page this AM, so Congradulations!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  3. Both of you Thank You sooo very much!! I have been blogging for a while, but it is still new to me, and I still keep learning with it. But, to hear those beautiful compliments just made my day!!

    Thanks for the visits & the beautiful words! Wishing you both a beautiful day!!



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