Monday, March 1, 2010

Vintage, Collectibles

Hello Everyone! Here it is the first day of March, and hoping we will be seeing more signs of spring with this now too. Snow is starting to melt here, dirty snow, and I can actually see the rear ends of the lighted animated deer that were out for spring. Poor things got snowed in, and have had so much could not get them out. Soon...

Well, I made another sale, and happy that people are coming from outside bonanzle to shop with me. I have advertised, showed my items at a lot of places with social medias, using my blog, google, yahoo, bing, facebook marketplace, and etc. I am thankful I am being seen. I spend a lot of time looking at other blogs, and websites by many I either follow, or find through searches. There are really some nice places to see, visit, view, and etc.

I like junking, love finding old things people put to the side, and picture them being refurbished/repurposed, and etc. Creativity of the mind can make many beautiful things. Soon, real soon I hope to be working on some minor pieces, and then working my way up to bigger & better. Baby steps first. When get a chance, ya'll should visit  she shows some really nice things there, and through there you will find her website to visit where you will see even more of the gorgeous things that were done from time gone by, present time, and etc. She shows work of hers, and also shows & mentions work of others too. She had a lot to see, and I spent time looking & getting my creative ideas rolling some what too. Here is her website too if you would like to also stop by there  You get a chance, give her a visit & view what she has to show. 

Take care & hope everyone had a great Monday March 1st too. :-)

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