Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Saturday Bloggers

Good Morning Bloggers, and welcome to LilacsNDreams Blog! Hope ya'll had a great Friday night. Mine was catching up at home, and trying to get ready for graduation in about 3 weeks now. Clean, organize, and so much more to do. I spent time in the spare room, and craft room today going thru all my laces, ribbins, glues, wires, doilies, table cloths, pillow shams, and so on. I got piles laying all over, pulled out containers to store things into so that things are more organized & together. Well, the piles are still side tracked with our son today, and helping him. So, tomorrow hope to get that task done. Just doing inventory to see what else I need to start working on things I have designated for this area of crafting, or re-purposing items. 

I did make another sale this week in my bonanzle booth which made me feel good. Hope the package arrives safely. I am always scared of each shipment. Not because of the way I pack things....I use tissue, bubble wrap, pink peanuts, and etc. It is the shippers that scare me. Never know from state to state how the distribution centers will handle things. 

Well, I better be off to sleep so that I can wake to another beautiful day. Hubby will be outside working, so that leaves the inside to me, and all I want to do:) Have a Great Weekend everyone!:)

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