Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello & Happy Memorial Day Weekend!:)

Good Evening everyone!:) This won't be long, but wanted to stop by to say Hi to everyone. I survived the first weekend of our scheduled graduation festivities for our son. He graduated on Sunday, and our company that was here from LA just left this morning. So, the usual catch up of things, cleaning, organizing, and etc. Getting ready for this next weekend where the other side of the family will celebrate in another location. Family from within the area, TX, NY, MS, FL will be here. Will be a little big bigger, and is gonna be sooo fun to see everyone! I think this is the break I was needing. I get thru this weekend, then I will work on being back with creating, refurbishing, repurposing, and doing some crafty things to offer for sale. I am getting excited, and can't wait to start working. Summer sales generally slow down, and that will give me time to clear more inventory, and work on things too:)

Well, I am off and running again. Thanks to all who have stopped to visit, and hope you had a great weekend! Holiday weekend coming quickly, and hope ya'll enjoy it. Be safe, and enjoy the time. Take care everyone!:)

Thanks For Visiting Everyone & Come Again Soon!:-)

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