Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday....Bonanzle, Ecrater, and Etsy....

Hello Everyone, and hope ya'll had a great weekend! Rainy, cloudy, cooled off here, and for the next few days...UGH! I was soo liking spring till this happened. Well, I have been working on organizing the house a little more...going through boxes & of course finding more goodies to work with. That I like, and I know I hate going through everything, but is giving me more of a chance to see exactly what is here for inventory, and what more I will need too. I found some little oval frames that cloth & a little padding had been put with. And, there it stopped. I did find the white butterflies that would go great with this material to make them a simple wall of 3. So, have put those to the side to finish after I make sure there is nothing else I intended to use with these. 

I am building my inventory to start working with things, and I am getting excited for this too. The more I find, the more excited I get. Until then I am still working on selling things with Bonanzle, Ecrater, and Etsy too. So, don't forget to check those places out for those things too. I will still sell my vintage, collectibles, and gently used items along with the repurosed, refurbished, craft things also.

Take care everyone till another day:) Here is something I found that is kind of fitting for what I have been doing right now.... "A Place to dream, A place to create, A place to breathe"


  1. I liked the saying on your blog today. It has been a really rainy, cold day and doesn't sound like it is going to get better for a few days. I am like you I have lost my mother, mother-in-law and both grandmothers. Mother's Day makes you think of the wonderful times that you had with them. Have a wonderful day.

  2. How sweet, and thank you:) It has been so long since all have passed, but during the holidays, and times as yesterday I still think of them, and miss them too.

    Darn weather, I think it is suppose to do this most of the week! UGH! Means hubby will be home in my hair, and I am sooo use to doing my own thing around the house here when he is gone to work:)

    Thanks again, and have a beautiful day Shirley!:-)

  3. I so enjoyed reading your blog and finding out that you are doing the same thing I am doing right now.It is such a chore and overwhelming and exausting to say the least. I have so many things to paint and inventory to get on my store as well. I clicked to be a follower. I will drop back by often. Kath' from


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