Friday, May 7, 2010

Have a Great Weekend...Cleaning, Organizing, and Listing Here:o)

Hello fellow bloggers, and Happy Weekend! WOW! Our social medias just keep getting better, and better, and better! Always new add ons to help us with our businesses, our on-line selling, and etc. Ok, when you get a chance, checkout my Facebook Fan Page, or as they now switched to the Like Page. When you get there click on the storefront tab. Netcarnation is really moving along with things, making adjustments, taking advice from people, and just keeps getting better all the time! My storefront page shows items from my bonanzle, clickable pictures, a button to share, buttons for tweeting Or facebook sharing, and also a button to buy it now too! How cool is that! Ok, here is the link for you to click, and go check it out at:)

Yesterday I was making a mess of things at home here. Reorganized some of my pics with a watermark on them before posting the items for sale. If you need a place that is simple, quick, and do not have to sign into use picnik for this. I am registered there, but never once signed in to do the work I did with my pics. I Love showing pictures to things, and feel it is better understandable for ya'll to see pics too. But, some people feel it necessary to borrow pics of others for their advantages of selling, or taking the fame for the picture. That is too bad. Always has to be a bad apple in the bunch, right?

Anyway, I brought up some painted baskets I had in the basement...spring & I should make some arrangements at home with these. Found some other little goodies for me to craft with. Still trying to organize the lace, doilies, materials, scraps from scrapbook paper, and so on. Also, found a couple of more items that could be listed for sale too. Oh, yes, my son & I loaded up the truck & got rid of the dryer at a place at the church that is collecting this stuff. At the same time the trailer is there for all donations to be loaded into, and did we load things up to that too. I have made a nice bite in the basement, and our garage too. It sure feels good to clean & organize things a little around here. LONG over due for all of it too. I have a couple of clothes racks I am gonna donate to the second hand store that is about 10 minutes from here, and it is all a working progress, but loving it.

Well now, I have used some of my time doing catch up with emails, checking my selling venues, and etc. Time to get, and work on a few things. I hopefully can get something completed today since it is sitting there looking at me, the glues are there, and I have a work area for it. Have a Beautiful Weekend everyone, and enjoy the day today!

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  1. Love that picture of the pups! It's been a cleaning/organizing weekend here too - I never seem to catch up.
    Have a lovely weekend!


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