Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crafts, Ideas, Candle Holders, Bowls, Plates....Please Share

Well, here we are another day, and whoops! I have been by my blog, but I guess I hadn't left anything here for anyone to read...sorry:( Ok, last week I had fun finding a few treasures to work with either to refurbish, repurpose, or to use for some crafty creations I am thinking of....or coming to mind as I treasure hunt too. I did go back to 1 place because a couple of weeks ago there was a whole bunch of shorter glass pillar candle holders. Almost like someone has used them for a special gathering, wedding, or something like that. I knew I was taking a chance of looking for them again, and of course kicking myself I didn't get them the first time. Course, until I got home it did not click with me all that I could use them for. Anyway, of course I get there, and they are all gone! UGH! Oh, well, my fault for not grabbing the first time, right?

Candle holders of all shapes, sizes, materials can really be used for much more than just lighting a candle too. Yes, we can decorate them, and still use them for our candles, but we can also put a plate on them for a bigger candle, kind of like a trinket dish, etc. If not a plate, why not a small bowl to decorate with some flowers, birds nest, a doilie, pin cushions, and etc. Or, use them as a stand for other various crafts too. Hmm...the possibilities. I myself love the old wooden candle holders, the banisters, ballisters, etc. I have a few in my home that sit with candles, or decorations for show. Just love candle holders:) Are you thinking of different ways now yourself? Love for you to share your thoughts here, and ideas. The more the merrier too:)

I was looking at this adorable little porcelain bowl I got, cleaned, and it sits at my kitchen bay window. Very clean white, looks almost new with a silver rim, and adorable pink flowers around the bottom of it. I was gonna put a little doilie in it, and maybe do some small flowers. Then, I thought of a pin cushion, or a birds nest with bird, eggs, and some other frilies. Now, I have thought of flipping it over, and attaching a little plate to it's bottom that one could burn a candle, put some of your favorite trinkets on, the popular birds nest with some goodies, and so on. I might have some hope for that adorable little bowl yet. 

Well, hope everyone is having a great Hump Day, and the week has treated you well so far. Any ideas with your beautiful crafts you have done we would like to hear it here:) Have a Beautiful Day everyone!:o)

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