Saturday, May 8, 2010

McCoy, USA, Antique Rose Hat Box

Hello Everyone, and hope ya'll are dong well. Weather is gloomy here....yeah know...I thought this was spring!:) Ok, was just taking a short break from cleaning house, organizing, sorting, and so on. But...I have more of a mess than when I started. I am finding little goodies here & there that I am organizing together, cleaning pieces, and so on. Making notes for inventory purposes so that I can know for sure what more I am needing to be working with some of my repurposed items, crafting, etc. Glue, paint, brushes, and sponge brushes are on top of my list. I found some instructions I had bought many moons ago for painting some flowers. Thought I got rid of them, but now I have something to work with, and see what I can create too!:) Well, I hope ya'll are having a great weekend! Stop by my booth at bonanzle  where I have listed 3 items in the past couple of days. One of them is a unique decorative bowl with a white glaze by McCoy, a USA dark green garden dish planter, and the most adorable Antique Rose Hat Box! A must see! Have a Great Day Everyone!

Also, a reminder that these same items can be viewed, and purchased with My "For Sale Blog" too. Clickable button for this is at the top under my header. Keep in mind this is still a new process for me, and am working with it. There the paypal buttons for 'buy it now' are clickable, and available if you feel you did not want to travel any further to make a purchase.

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